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    What do all you protest kids think? Dylan's no slouch, obviously, but I would have voted for Salman Rushdie myself. I think Dylan's a great songwriter but his lyrics work best in the context of his music and don't necessarily equate to literary genius. For all the great lines he's written there stuff like " the pump don't work because the vandals stole the handles." or 'stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again" or , well you get the point. Sounds cool on record especially when you're all smoked up but a lot of it is stream of consciousness story telling with no definite meaning. Also you have to consider he's rock god entertainer as well that for most of his fans can do wrong.

    Dave van Ronk said it best: "That whole artistic mystique is one of the great traps of this business, because down that road lies unintelligibility. Dylan has a lot to answer for there, because after a while he discovered that he could get away with anything—he was Bob Dylan and people would take whatever he wrote on faith. So he could do something like "All Along the Watchtower," which is simply a mistake from the title on down: a watchtower is not a road or a wall, and you can't go along it."
    This shows that the Nobel Committe no longer remembers what literature is supposed to be or what was supposed to be so great about it.

    The Nobel Prize for Literature was created in a world where great literature and the great men who wrote it were quite a big deal; people read stuff like Ibsen and made themselves believe that the made-up stories contained some sort of great insight into real life, that this stuff was important and meant something on some level. This is an illusion that has been not only broken but forgotten about; the thing to do now is to STOP handing out the Nobel Prize for Literature.

    Bob Dylan was cute when he was young, lots of fourteen-year old girls thought so, that's why he has anything to be nostalgic about today. The esteem middle-aged men have for Dylan, Syd Barrett, The Beatles and others is sad; this stuff was never meant for them, it was meant for teen girls, and they have long since grown up and moved on.