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    This from the same review..... " I’ll again eat my own foot with frustration in getting it wrong so publicly"

    Would you like ketchup with that sir?

    Re Kev's comment about "Wire" - I still find it odd that "Nocturnal Koreans" is basically the extras from "Wire" - I much prefer to listen to "Nocturnal Koreans" - just my opinion. "Silver/Lead" seems to grow with each listen.
    Your opinion is spot on leefact25. Nocturnal Koreans is a marvellous record and edges the Wire album in terms of the number of times I've replayed them both. Silver/Lead is a definite grower.. no point in any knee-jerk reviews, this is an album you have to live with for a while. But it gets better and better with every listen.
    Kevin which one did you think lacked lustre, Wire or NK? I ask because the latter was billed as a "mini-album" or something I think, wasn't it?
    I like the Wire album better than NK and in fact better than most Wire albums, I think it's one of their 4 best anyway (roughly). I'm not sure why but it seems slightly underrated, every song is excellent on that one for my money.
    I am still mulling over the new one, so far the tempo thing does bog me down. The individual songs seem good but I have not yet been able to get into the vibe of the whole.
    I have my Silver/Lead here - It looks great. I love the artwork which as others have noticed echoes the 80s style of releases like Ahead and Silk Skin Paws with the scribbly art and bold typeface. I've got the 7" CD/Book and it's a very nice object- I ordered mine from my local Indie shop and I noticed they've put one on their rack of box sets and special editions and it looked good up there too.

    I have to say my expectations were lower than usual as the preview tracks I'd heard sounded very much like just more of the same from NK and the Wire album. Much as I like those records I'd hoped for something different. However, I have to say I am very pleasantly surprised and the preview tracks were not typical of the album at all and this is something different,.
    I decided to sit and read the booklet first before listening which whetted my appetite and actually sets the album up really well and you get a sense of how Robert, Matt, Graham and Colin view each track from their differing perspectives.

    There is much talk of the reliance mid-tempo but I have to say I like it - I think that's the albums strength and I think they've focused more on melody and there's a bit more space for Wire to occupy which works very well and actually - none-more-Wire. I really like Brio and An Alibi which have the tempo similar to the one Robert set on Harpooned. Can't help but smile at 'Sleep on the Wing' which is a pretty pop song in a jazzy metre - but as only Wire would do it - and the title track is a great sign off. Great to hear Graham and Colin sharing more of the vocals - and it does sound like another step forward. Somebody please send a copy to Wire's contemporaries Depeche Mode and New Order - they need some new ideas!
    bzfgt - I meant Wire not NK
    I initially had Silver/Lead on shuffle on my iPod and I struggled to 'get' it because of the mid-tempo pace of most of the songs. But it makes more sense when played in the order the band intended, especially the first five tracks (which I still regard as side one). A mighty fine record indeed. I'm also a big fan of the album-a-year cycle. We're being spoiled by our favourite band!
    The opening tone of the new album sounds like the the start of No Pussyfooting album by Fripp/Eno
    My special edition Silver/Lead just arrived in San Jose, CA. Gonna be a good weekend :-)

    Nice to see Silver/Lead sneaking into the current UK album charts (at #96).
    BBC 6 Music continued it's Wire patronage yesterday (Thursday April 6) by featuring Silver/Lead as its album of the day. They featured Short Elevated Period, Brio, Forever & A Day and Diamonds In Cups over the course of the day. There';s a Marc Riley session in the next couple of weeks too
    Been listening to it for a week or so now, and it just grows with each listen, which is always a good sign, as growers tend to have long lives. It's a very strong, deceptively simple album, quietly confident, nothing to prove. The mostly mid-tempo nature of the songs somehow doesn't pall. There's an assuredness, a lightness of touch that just moves it along in a very satisfying way.

    For a band 40 years (on and off) on the go, it feels fresh, it's fully present in the here-and-now. As Colin said elsewhere, "Wire is present in the eternal now, we don't live in the past." And this mature work very elegantly proves this. The languid pacing allows some refreshing spaces to open up in the music, gives it a chance to breathe. The clarity of vocal delivery further fleshes this out. It's an added bonus that Graham's got more vocal presence on this album, and he's in fabulously fine fettle.

    This suite of songs has a sense of solidifying an approach built up over the last three releases, where they've really found their current form with Matt fully bedded in and an integral part of their identity. The approach to melody is a lot stronger, and is a strain that benefits greatly from this more considered engagement.

    And yet, as always with Wire, it's incredibly simple. Rising/descending gliding notes, slightly melancholic/reflective inflections are a new feature here, but added with much grace and subtlety. The images in 'Sleep On The Wing' have resonances with the 'Map Ref' classic, with that sense of 'uplifting, soaring, gliding' (as Rob describes the latter) high over the landscape. The guitar has slight echoes of early Durutti Column. Elsewhere, 'Brio' 'An Alibi' and 'Silver/Lead' stand out for me in a clutch of tunes with not one single dud. Very well done gents, take a bow.

    Viva Wire !
    I'm still waiting to hear it. Placed my order with greedbag on 30th March (ok it was late) for the special edition and its status is currently at 'being processed'. They've given me access to the download but I like my first play to be the CD. Not sure why it should take so long.
    I ordered mine (SE and vinyl copy) on 17th Feb, got email on 30th March telling me order dispatched, still not arrived a week later, so I rang them (they promised that they'd ring me back, they didn't), when I rang them again they told me there'd been a mistake and that they had only just got the products in and promised to send it straight away, how can they say it's dispatched when it isn't? Oh, and I'd paid for recorded delivery to try and save any snags in getting it - ha!
    An enjoyable Wire session and interview on Marc Riley's 6 Music show tonight. They played Small Black Reptile, Playing Harp For The Fishes and Short Elevated Period. They sounded as tight as ever, with Matt getting plenty of sonic clout out of his effect pedals.
    Wonder if they did a fourth song? Dunno if its still the case but bands on Marc Riley would record an extra song that would be broadcast on Gideon Coe's show later - Wire have done this before. Just checked Gideon Coe's show for last night and nothing was played from Wire's session. When I played a Marc Riley session with ATV we recorded the additional track in the first half hour off-air before Marc introduced us.
    Timestamps (approx.) for the session as follows.

    Interview 1: 19:50
    Small Black Repite: 23:40
    Playing Harp for the Fishes: 45:25
    Interview 2: 49:10
    Short Elevated Period: 56:35
    Heh. Just heard a Wire sting 1:32:47. "Marc Riley, in Manchester. In Manchester, our home!"
    "This Time" is at 2:51:20 in the Gideon Coe show: