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    Some very interesting selections. Thanks Colin for turning me on to Cuz. And I started listening to To Rococo Rot a few years ago after you mentioned them in an different article. Funny side story about Todd Rundgren. In the late 80s, Rundgren became heavily involved with the burgeoning computer technology field, especially as it related to graphics and music. As I worked for graphic design software companies, I would often attend US computer tradeshows like Macworld. One night I spotted Rundgren at one of these computer show afterparties in SF. He was alone, standing by himself at the crowded party, like a wallflower. Most people didn't seem to recognize him. He was dressed casually, but was sporting an oversized black baseball cap that read BLOW ME across the front in big capital letters. Ha!
    Thanks for the link, interesting stuff. I'm just listening to the "Boredom Is Deep and Mysterious" compilation on YouTube and the first couple of tracks are definitely my cup of tea*.

    *coffee actually