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    Robin Rimbaud has put this on his monthly bulletin:

    Twenty-one years ago I had the opportunity to play an extraordinary evening of music at the Southbank Centre in London at the invitation of Susan Stenger of Band of Susans. The evening was described as a gathering of mutant offspring from the worlds of rock and electronics paying homage to their common ancestors with an exceptional programme of classics of American experimental music, featuring the work of John Cage, Alvin Lucier, Phil Niblock. Christian Wolff, LaMonte Young and Rhys Chatham.

    The Brood, as were so called, featured Panasonic, as well as members of Band of Susans, Elastica, Gallon Drunk, LMC and Wire (Robert Grey), and I recently found a live recording all the recordings and have uploaded them for free download. It’s wild and really rather wonderful!

    The link is here:
    Thanks for posting this Kevin. Not heard of this before.

    I found some further info about the event which says that Bruce, in his Beekeper guise, was doing a "Chance DJ" session in the foyer afterwards. Bet that got the punters downing their after show drinks a bit sharpish!
    I remember the event well, serious 'noise' festival