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    WIRE,s gig at ARCHES club in Glasgow is in serious doubt as the club has had its
    licence supended for 6 weeks after it was raided by Police for holding a Gay orgy night!!
    The owners are appealing the decision, but if that fails, WIRE will either have to move gig
    to another venue or cancel gig altogether!!
    Managed to eventually get through to the club to confirm if it will be shut for 6 weeks, to which they
    denied it will be shut and show should go ahead as they are open pending appeal.
    All that worry for nought!!
    The Police should expect only an "orgy" of spectacular post-punk on the 11th. I'm sure it will pretty hot and sweaty though, and I daresay there will be a few big cuddly hairy bears in the audience ;)

    "the 36 CCTV cameras in the venue did not cover the screened-off area.."

    36 CCTV cameras?! Its like the Big Brother house in there!
    It shouldn't be a problem.

    The Licensing Board would need to issue a statement of reasons - which is likely to take until beyond the 11th, anyway - and then wait a further 14 days to give leave for appeal.

    If there is no appeal, the suspensions would be enforced. If there is, it could take a year to kick in. Either way, the earliest opportunity for the suspension to start is after the gig. Thankfully.