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    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeMar 15th 2017)
    Boiling Boy
    Art of Persistance
    Diamonds in Cups
    Three Girl Rhumba
    Small Black Reptile
    An Alibi
    Red Barked Tree
    This Time
    Playing Harp for the Fishes
    Underwater Experiences
    Keep Exhaling
    Over Theirs
    Stealth of a Stork

    Well this was a surprise.
    Sound v good, performance not chaotic at all, but the revisiting of old numbers chaos in itself.
    It is said that there is a hidden logic in this song selection...

    Your starter for 10
    Art of Persistence gets resurrected!
    Ahead? Small Black Reptile? Blimey. At this rate, perhaps So And Slow redux (with Rob) isn't entirely outside the realms of possibility.

    And also: balls. Reading's just down the road, but I've been working like a maniac of late and totally forgot. Dammit.
    Wow that is an absolutely shocking setlist! Going back to "The Art of Persistence" is why I love this band. A song is never truly finished!
    Are the band headlining each night of these DRILL festivals?

    If so it would be good to get a completely different set list each night
    Great to see them going deep catalogue on the 'oldies'. Boiling Boy though! - I can only assume it's one that's good for getting levels and easing in to a set and presumably all concerned have played it so many times they could do it their sleep.

    @medulary-ray as for Drill your guess is as good as mine but I think Wire will generally play one headline set and then appear in different formations and solo projects on the other nights.
    The Leeds one I'm struggling to get any details about but notice that the Brudenell Social Club have unrelated gigs on the same weekend Deafheaven are playing on Friday and on Sunday the 'High Voltage' hitmakers Electric Six have (inexplicably) sold out the main room - so whatever Drill happenings are occurring that day will have to be in the smaller Games Room so I'm guessing Wire's main set will be on the Saturday but god knows - there's very little info to be had with a month to go.