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    I wouldn't normally recommend Uncut magazine - a publication dedicated to classic rock, beardy Americana and other gentle sounds that won't scare the horses - If you're not familiar it's one of the ones that insist on using pictures for their lead story taken 40 years ago lest we be horrified that (current cover stars) Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie have got a bit older and a few wrinkles.
    However this month they are getting behind Wire in a big way. There is a track on the covermount CD (unfortunately it's Short Elevated Period which we've all already heard but nice to hear it in 44.1khz), there's a positive review of the album and perhaps most of interest is an 'Album by Album' feature with interview - with contributions from Rob, Graham, Matt and Colin - unfortunately there isn't enough space to cover everything so it skips ABIAC, IBTABA, Drill, TFL, O47, RBT but an interesting read nonetheless.
    Too much Americana for me, too, but I think it's a good magazine all the same - there's usually enough to keep me entertained! I picked up a copy the other day and am going to retire to my bed and read this ;)
    Uncut's album-by-album piece is a good way of explaining Wire's history. It is a shame the two of the best albums (imo) A Bell Is A Cup and Red Barked Tree are omitted...but you can't have everything. I suppose there's more of a story to the likes of The Ideal Copy.

    But Object 47 could have thrown up a tale or two as it was the first record after Bruce's exit and the band were making tentative steps to see if it would work as a three-piece.

    Silver/Lead also picked up a four-star review in Uncut, likewise in Mojo.
    It's a good way of explaining the history to those who have a casual interest - as well as the obvious omission of several albums there were a couple of very important facts that were overlooked - no mention of Margaret Fiedler McGuinness' involvement in the band - and nothing said about Colin's temporary departure during "The Ideal Copy".

    I would prefer to think that no words from Colin about "The Ideal Copy" in the article was possibly due to his reticence to talk about the album rather than his words being shelved due to the Uncut journo's editorial concerns.