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    Well done, Fergus. This is an effective work of collage—good humour, solid pacing, it feels like a complete piece.
    Very well done! I really enjoyed it.
    Thanks chaps !
    Excellent piece of work, Fergus. I Lost count of the number of Wire extracts secreted within the sound collage. But it makes you realise how many distinctive noises Wire have come up with down the years. Plenty of humour in there. And a homage to Revolution 9 thrown in too. Next challenge: build a collage incorporating as many Wire intros as you can (including the recent stuff)!
    Many thanks Stephen.

    I think it'd be good if the piece could get some more traction by getting radio play, expand the audience a bit more.

    As Stuart Maconie and Marc Riley feature in the piece, and as they are big Wire fans, I thought they might be interested in playing it, so I emailed them a few weeks back, but received a standard auto-reply, which is fair enough I guess, as I imagine they deal with a daily snowdrift of emails at the BBC, and can't respond to everything. Resonance FM were interested, and I sent them audio, text and image files, but have not heard back.

    I also wrote to Mike Watt, as he has his 'Watt From Pedro' show. Although, to say he's a busy man is a very large understatement, so I'll regard it as a bonus if he responds. If anyone working in radio broadcasting or has any connections with it could suggest anything, I'd be really grateful. Radio is an ideal (and underused medium) for this kind of thing.

    For those inclined, the three tributes (to Bruce, Paul Burwell & Wire) make up practically an album's worth of tracks if you download 'em and put 'em on CD (just a thought..). Comes to 36 minutes, which co-incidentally (no escape !) is the same length as the new Wire album...