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    I will be going to both nights in London and I am really looking forward to hearing them play again with new material. I've noticed the set list for Reading and Leeds, so pretty much prepared but recognise that Wire never stick too much to previous sets. If anyone is going to the first night fancies a beer, Ill be near the front in combat trousers and brown top!! Sneak up and announce "You are Splash and I claim my free beer"! I ll probably be only able to avoid a few so be quick!!! You can help save my spot at the front!
    Thank you splash154 for the beer! Hope to be there on the 5th to buy ya one back! People who know me will know why it was an intensely cathartic experience for me tonight. I couldn't have asked for more. For the archivists amongst us here - "Silver/Lead" was on the 4th May set list but wasn't played - probably due to time constrictions.
    Simple solution to that tonight - come on earlier... (hint, hint).
    lee - no problems with the beer, but this time I'm hanging out at the front! Did you get the set list from Graham last night? Was wondering if you were going to post it? Maybe see you later?
    It's on this facebook thread - a few comments down.....¬if_t=feed_comment_reply¬if_id=1493988591501598
    Sorry Lee, Looks like that link only works for Facebook friends of whoever posted it.

    Was really hoping to get down for at least one Garage show but thanks to Election duties there was no way in the world I could have got down to London in time for either gig - but getting the full set & Pink Flag Orchestra at Leeds Drill more than compensated.

    Interested to know if they varied the setlist on the two nights and maybe chucked a bonus tune or two in for anyone that might have been both nights?
    "Interested to know if they varied the setlist on the two nights and maybe chucked a bonus tune or two in for anyone that might have been both nights?"

    They did - I was wandering up the road with Graham for a late night nightcap at one of the local hostelries - he confirmed that they changed the set a little bit for the likes of us who were at both nights.....

    Night 1.....

    Boiling Boy
    Diamonds In Cups
    An Alibi
    This Time
    Three Girl Rhumba
    Art Of Persistence
    Underwater Experiences
    Red Barked Trees
    Small Black Reptile
    Keep Exhaling
    Split Your Ends
    Playing Harp For The Fishes
    Short Elevated Period
    Over Theirs
    Stealth Of A Stork

    Note - the encore should have additionally had "Silver/Lead" as an opener but time constrictions prevented this.....

    Night 2.....

    Diamonds In Cups
    An Alibi
    This Time
    Three Girl Rhumba
    Art Of Persistence
    Underwater Experiences
    Red Barked Trees
    Small Black Reptile
    Keep Exhaling
    Split Your Ends
    Playing Harp For The Fishes
    Short Elevated Period
    Over Theirs
    Used To

    So - Boiling Boy & Stealth Of A Stork were dropped - Silver/Lead had time to be played on the second night - Ahead was promoted from encore to opening number - Harpooned was reintroduced after being dropped early in in the tour - and "Used To" was in the set for the first time since the closing gig of 2015 - The Dome, Boston Arms, Tufnell Park - 2nd Dec 2015.
    Having missed out on the Leeds event, I went to the Thursday night gig at the Grange. Chose the right night, for me at least, as Stealth of a Stork is a personal favourite, whereas I would avoid Harpooned if I could.
    I thought that the band were terrific: this was one of the best performances I have seen for several years. The song selection was interesting, and the reworking of some of the older tracks was inspired. Small Black Reptile was a highlight; a Change Becomes Us reworking of Manscape would be fascinating, but not in keeping with Wire's ethos.
    How many bands acknowledge an anniversary by playing only one song from that year? Then, they play two tracks that have not been "properly" released. Will Underwater Experiences ever see the light of day?
    Of the newer material, Diamonds In Cups packs a punch live, and Short Elevated Period already has the feel of a Wire classic pop song. Playing Harp for the Fishes adds balance to the set, and Over Theirs was a surprising and magnificent closing.
    Fabulous night.
    I still hold out hope that A Public Place will reappear in the set list one day......

    Does anyone know if further UK dates are planned for later in the year?

    Not managed to get to one of these Silver/Lead shows so far unfortunately
    Slight detour - Just a hello to the guy who shot the photos down the front on the second evening, I hope they turned out OK? we discussed einsturzende's greatest hits ;) + asking for the band to visit Australia at some point.
    @ Stevie P I quite like the fact that Underwater Experiences is a bit like 'Drill' in that there isn't necessarily a definitive version - partly by accident rather than design due to the band members interpreting the time signature and rhythm differently. You can choose from the one on 'Behind the Curtain' when it was demo'd for Chairs Missing, the D&E version, the electronic version from the Manscape tour (on that Exploded Views thing and one of the Official Bootlegs), the version on 'Strays' with Margaret on guitar and then there's 'Attractive Space' - I've seen Wire gigs where the fast, shouty version of 'Underwater' and 'Attractive Space' were both played so maybe the band see them as separate items.
    Yes - I remember seeing them play both "Underwater Experiences" at XOYO in 2011. Sorry for being a nerdy pedant but Margaret played "German Shepherds" on "Strays" - this was fitting of course because her old band Laika played "German Shepherds" on the WMO Wire tribute "Various Artists Play Whore". It was Matt who played on the "Strays" "Underwater Experiences" - the first studio track he played on to be released.
    Have to say though - my favourite version of "Underwater Experiences" is the Exploded Views track - better recorded than the version on the Legal Bootlegs - and combines the ferocity of the D & E with a good melody in the chorus - yes this one does have a chorus LOL. Does anyone know for sure where the Exploding Views EP was recorded? I've heard it could have been Sheffield - and the band didn't feature the gig on Legal Bootlegs because no one knew where and how to get hold of the original tape. Shame that - because the quality is stunning.
    Like some incredibly rare planetary alignment, Wire played London the night after Einsturzende Neubauten, delivering a knockout show, with possibly the most intense version of Underwater Experiences I ever heard, which Graham later told me was dedicated the Mika Vainio. 31 years since I'd last heard Over Theirs live, at the Clarendon Hotel in Hammersmith. Lots of banter 'n' scoops after, long into the night, and beyond...
    I attended both nights and they were enjoyable. I stood a few places on night one but the sound was not too good. The sound lady looked a bit worked up by it. She’d obviously solved as on night two it was much, much better. Night two was not a crowd-pleasing encore – if Harpooned appears on a future bootleg and you were not there be prepared for your ears to hurt.

    Good sized crowd, mixed age, some fat old men like me, less number of nutters than at Reading.

    To Wire: Guys I’m getting old – can you come on before 9:45 please so I don’t need to get the last train (ahem!)

    I’d not been to The Garage since the Send era. Good venue, lots of friendly staff to keep the drinks flowing! Kudos to the support bands to Ulrika Spacek and Cold Pumas too – enjoyed both, will be following up!

    I will be at Utrecht this week to see how the Wire experience plays out. That will be it for this tour.
    I was at the second garage gig and at Drill:Berlin.
    The sound was way better in Berlin IMO.
    I felt there was something not quite right with the sound of Colin's voice at the garage.
    In general I preferred the Berlin gig.
    Same setlist as the second garage night but with Stealth of a Stork and the PF Guitar Orchestra instead of Harpooned.
    Always fun to be part of the PFGO.
    Any scoops you can share with us, Fergus?
    Scoops = pints
    Ah...never heard that one. I was hoping for news of Nocturnal Koreans II.

    I've heard of 'schooners', mind. A place in Leeds tried it as their USP - but it's less than a pint, but the same price. Not a regular haunt of mine.
    Garage Night 2 I think they overran the curfew slightly - Harpooned goes on quite a while. I think I saw Colin telling Graham who did a ooh naughty hand over mouth thing (onstage). I may have imagined that though. Loved they started with Ahead, one of my top 5 Wire tunes. Anyway, roll on the next gig. Sooner rather than later I hope!