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    The Garage nights allowed me to answer a rather geeky question I had. I'd bought the original fold pack of "On The Box" and wondered whether the later reissue had the corrected versions of the sound glitches (most notably "Single KO" cropping up in the background of the second verse of "Mercy"). They hadn't - they remain intact - so moving on.....

    The authentic and erratic track titling on the broadcast is well known - but one made me investigate further. We all know Map Ref has the "longitude and latitude" of 41°N and 93°W - and the area is somewhere around Centreville, Iowa. On the broadcast the title reads - "43°N 110°W". I checked this out and it pinpoints to an area near Pinedale in Wyoming. The two towns are just over 1000 miles apart - so if the Rockpalast titlers ever offer tour dates to any unsuspecting band heaven knows where you'll be turning up.....
    The Single KO/Mercy glitch is a non-repairable tape bleed-through apparently.

    Dart board tour dates will be the next thing, wait'll you see.
    Here's a swell account of a guy who made a pilgrimage to Map ref 43/93...I don't know how to do the little circle.
    I also years back published a short piece called The Kid From 41°N 93°W on Wireviews:
    Yes, if you look down, he comments on it!