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    The recent resurrection of "He Knows" makes me also wonder whatever happened to this tune. It's among my favorite Wire mkIII tunes. I think it would have sounded out of place on R&B 1&2 and Send but I think it has a lot in common stylistically with the more recent releases. Maybe this will also be on Sherwood Forest?
    It had a strange life. Apparently it started off during the first pre-RFH rehearsals as an attempt to work out Ally in Exile. But it rapidly mutated into something else, with new words. Listen carefully and you can see where the similarities are - the way the words scan, in particular. But this was soon abandoned... apparently for being too lightweight (?)...

    A later attempt to recrearte Ally in Exile resulted in a radicaly different version being performed at the December 2000 Edinburgh gig - and this version in turn morphs into I Don't Understand. The Edinburgh Ally in Exile is basically the Ally in Exile words and the music of I Don't Understand (sort of - the chorus is different).

    Art of Persistence is not at all shabby and, like He Knows, would fit rather well on Object 47. So should we conlude that Wire 2008 has more in common with Wire 2000 than the Send-era Wire of 2002-04?

    Very interesting stuff... I didn't know any of that! It's funny, because "Ally In Exile" is hands down my favorite Wire song to never see a proper studio recording. I'll have to re-listen to "Art of Persistence" & "I Don't Understand" with these things in mind.

    The evolution of Wire's material never fails to fascinate me!