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    When might Graham's various projects see the light of day?
    Still eagerly awaiting the album he has recorded with Ted Milton of Blurt. If I remember rightly - I'm sure I read (or heard) that the "All Under" and "All Over" albums were eight years in the making - and it took his daughter Klara (amongst others) to persuade him that the recordings were finished!
    UUUU is coming out this year on Editions Mego. The album is finished.
    I was lucky enough to listen to it and it's excellent.

    Don't know about other plans.
    Is "UUUU" the Lewis/Milton album? Wasn't it called "Elegiac" at one point?
    Nope, UUUU is the name they are using on the album for the Graham/Matt/Thighpaulsandra/Valentina project.

    The one we've seen live at Cafe Oto (without Tim) under the name You.
    The UUUU debut album is now available for pre-order at Editions Mego

    The song Verlagerung, Verlagerung, Verlagerung is on soundcloud
    Oh yes - that'll do nicely, thanks.
    No cd version? :(
    Apparently not. Only vinyl and download.
    Can highly recommend the UUUU album featuring Graham and Matt.

    I'd like it if the next Wire album was in a similarly experimental vein

    Looks like it's popular as it's sold out at source at Editions Mego HQ

    Hope they do another album and a live show is scheduled for early next year in London I've heard
    Graham & Klara live together 18/10/2017
    Graham has recently added vocals/voice to two songs, from the as yet unreleased new album, by a fellow Swedish based artist called Max Lorentz