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    Hugely enjoyable, packs a punch. I really like the re-tooled Red Barked Tree and Underwater Experiences is a magnificent maelstrom of noise.
    Any idea how to get this as an MP3?
    Stevie, what I do is to record the whole stream (that's like taping for us oldies) using Audacity, which is free. Then divide the tracks up and export them as MP3 and vola ... well I would do that but it's naughty, so I don't.
    i (would) do that too :)
    Something's happening in 2018 of "momentous importance" - Colin quotes in the interview.....
    But don't they start sniggering at him after he says it? Possibly only at the (presumably unintentionally) grandiose way in which he puts it. In any event, very interesting little teaser.