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    Hello...wondering if anyone knows the glasgow area that would know the best (and cheapest!) place to kip after the gig? A bit last minute but I've had a change of plans and won't be getting escorted there and back. Theres nothing I hate more than walking the streets after a gig killing time in anticipation of the first bus back home, so thought I'd treat myself this time. Anyone else travelling that knows the best place to go? (by best I mean, easy walking distance from venue) Much appreciated!
    Well I have got something sorted on the same street as the gig, so all is good...but this time I taking a train down, plus the hotel costs....this is more money than i have ever dreamed of spending on seeing a band so....I hope they are taking note of my 90 song set request ;)

    "I hope they are taking note of my 90 song set request"

    At Scala, Colin made reference to this very forum, saying the band had had a good laugh about some of the requests, seeing as they were basically impossible for the band to play. Some wag then yelled, with perfect timing, "Crazy About Love!", which got a few laughs from the stage.
    See you there Keilan. Taking the missus. We,re probably in the Crystal palace or The Horseshoe bar
    for a couple of well deserved Magners to get in the mood.
    stay away from the internet when you are drunk and in a sulk
    Keilan are you being serious? They were immense in Glasgow tonight! The only ropey moment was One of Us because it's largely a bass-driven song and Mr Lewis was way too low in the mix for that one. Otherwise, bloody brilliant. Margaret is superb on guitar and they were tighter than the last time I saw them in Glasgow four years ago. Could have done with a t-shirt at the merchandise stall, though. They only sold everything I already own...
    Mm. When seeing Wire at Scala, even nearly being headbutted about 50 times by a sweaty bald bloke didn't ruin the gig for me. I guess Keilan needs one of those "Everything after Pink Flag sucks™" T-shirts that I occasionally mention to Colin that we should do!
    Ignore me, it was amazing! Everything I hoped and more...even better listening back to it this morning but the drunken guest singer who's voice drowns out most of it means I can't share these recordings with anyone :) ahem
    Heh. You should think yourself lucky I've not got around to adding an editing timeout to this forum yet! Anyway, good to hear you actually enjoyed the gig.