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    I have developed occasional problems with tinnitus which has put me off going to many live shows for the last few years.

    The last time I went to see Wire was the Queen's Hall Edinburgh concert in December 2000. I've got tickets for the Leicester gig this coming Thursday and, (sorry, old fart's question) can anyone tell me just how loud are they these days please?

    I may not get to see them again and didn't want to miss the chance this time, but if I could do with knowing if need to take ear plugs to be on the safe side.

    I know, 'if it's too loud, you're too old' (Mr Lydon I believe) but thanks for any help.
    I'm only an occasional gig-goer but I've yet to resort to earplugs. A mate of mine who's a regular, and veteran of 100s of gigs wears earplugs as a matter of course. Neither of us are spring chickens, but neither are we old enough to have 'fought in the punk wars'.

    I'd say Wire are usually 'loud enough', such that you're rarely troubled by the ignorant geezer behind you who insists on talking through the whole thing. But rarely too loud such that you worry about the impact on your hearing (although Harpooned at Leeds's Brudenell Social Club a couple of years back was immense).

    I'd say, take a pair of plugs along with you as a precaution, and use as your condition dictates. And enjoy the show - they're on cracking form.
    Brilliant, thanks very much Ian.
    I don't know what size the venue is - but the past three times I have seen Wire in recent years they have always been very loud - if it is a small venue I would take along the ear plugs as a precaution, better safe than sorry.
    I will, thank you.
    I usually have a pair with me these days just in case. I've got some musicians earplugs from a Music Shop that don't block out the frequencies too much so you don't get too much of a muffled sound. . I haven't needed them for Wire who are usually loud, but pleasantly loud and doesn't feel like it's doing any harm, but everyone's ears and tolerance is different. I usually find them necessary for support bands who have invited their mate to mix the sound badly for them, particularly when they've got a bad vocalist who insists on having his mic up way too loud..or if My Bloody Valentine are playing.
    Saw MBW at the Hammy Apollo a couple of years back - every member of the staff were giving away bags of earplugs. The only "loud" section was the middle 8 of "You Made Me Realise" - I left the plugs off - was underwhelmed. Swans at Town & Country in 1987 - that's a different ball game - as was the only time I saw Merzbow.
    I always bring ear protection but rarely need to use it. I learned my lesson way back in 77, 78 ? when I saw the Misfits open for the Damned. Last time was Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music as performed by Zeitkrazer- an all acoustic full orchestra version.
    You won't need it for WIRE shows. They're loud but not overbearingly so.
    Thanks again folks. I'll have the plugs with me just in case.