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    Happy 18! Y'All..
    UUUU's debuuuut touuuurette :
    The Exchange, Bristol 23/01
    Concorde, Preston 24/01
    Corsica Studios 25/01
    Get yourselves to Leeds!
    A mate of mine (a respecter rather than a massive fan of Wire) sent me these words on the UUUU London gig;

    "...they played Corsica Studios in Elephant & Castle, a new place for me and one that was pleasingly packed. Not being all that familar with Wire's recent output it's hard to say how they compare but I'd guess this is a more experimental outfit. They certainly disappeared up their own back passage at times but there was no disgrace in that. What they did have in common with the last time I saw Wire was volume - blisteringly loud with Graham Lewis' bass often dominating proceedings. He sang/spoke on a few tracks but, to be honest, they were much better as pure instrumentals. Well worth catching if they come in striking distance..."
    I've seen the London show. In fact there was only one spoken word song (a new one, not on the album), otherwise all instrumental apart from the beautiful few lines Graham sings on Verlagerung, Verlagerung, Verlagerung, which were repeated for a few seconds at the end of the show. I really enjoyed it. Very interesting project. I hope there'll be more of it.
    I attended the show and I was surprised how busy it was and it being quite a young-ish audience. It was nice to see our beloved Bruce attending to give support also - normally I don't like to bother members of Wire if I see them about - but given the news on Mark E Smith that day I thought what the hell - I'll tell him I how much I admire his contribution over the years - he was very gracious about it.

    At some point in the evening UUUU seemed to incorporate a distorted Wire sample maybe Strange.

    I bought the UUUU cassette of the album from the merchandising stall. Obviously I've no cassette player and I'll still need to buy the digital download. Anybody who wants to see what it looks like can private message me and I'll send you a jpg picture. Anyway the lady told me it would be worth a fortune when they are massive - I'm a sucker for a sales pitch.

    The support band Hyrst looked like they were from the Nathan Barley series.

    Enjoyable evening, eye watering expensive bar, incredibly loud.
    Ridiculously expensive bar.
    New from UUUU

    (sold out at source before it's been released! :-()
    If anyone hasn't picked up a copy of the new UUUU 12" single yet, I can thoroughly recommened it, and it's currently reduced in price at Norman Records until Monday 7th Jan. They have 2 copies in stock
    Thanks for that tip-off: got myself a copy.
    Incredibly intense stuff - brilliant. So much going on, but not in an indulgent way.
    If anyone is looking for the cd, it’s now available from Bandcamp.