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    Out 23rd March
    Great news. I'd just been wondering if Bruce was still actively working on new material
    I'm always vaguely terrified about Bruce material with a Latin-sounding name after the whole In Esse experience.

    I do love some Bruce, but that's some dreadful stuff right there.
    I've never heard In Esse but it does have a bad reputation in some quarters. I think my favourite has to be Insiding, all of which I find utterly absorbing, and well worth repeated listening.
    18 years have passed since I last listened to In Esse, which I think I play twice to write by review for Wireviews.
    FYI: the album's available right now via Bandcamp.
    Anyone heard it yet? If so, is it at the Shivering Man or In Esse end of the spectrum?

    Craig - you're twice the man as me as I made it through In Esse just the once. Figured it might go somewhere, but that shows what I know.
    To be honest, one of the main reasons I check on here regularly, but rarely post anything, is not just to find out about the activities of Wire, but to also see if there is a new Bruce Gilbert release forthcoming.
    Even if I was armed with a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary & also a Roget's Thesaurus, I still could not adequately explain quite why I like his stuff so much.
    I also like "Metal Machine Music" by Lou Reed, so for me, compared to that, the ought to be playing "In Esse" in it's entirety
    on Smooth FM.
    The new album already appears to be sold out on Editions Mego, I've just ordered mine from Norman Records in Leeds, who appear to specialise in "difficult" music.
    For anyone who has never heard "In Esse", just book yourself in to your local hospital for am MRI scan, (I've had a few!)
    & when they put the headphones on, don't let them play Radio 2 or some lift music, just the electronic sounds the machine makes, believe me there's hours of fun to be had & this device must surely have been invented by Bruce himself, (unless I've got my facts wrong, of course).
    > Anyone heard it yet? If so, is it at the Shivering Man or In Esse end of the spectrum?

    I've listened to it once and I'd liken it—again, based on one listen—to Ab Ovo. There's a fair variety of techniques and sounds employed, but they don't really sound like purposeful compositions to me. More like extended noodling of sorts that could be filed away for later application. The one that really struck me, however, is "Hymn," which has a real Ghost Box label vibe. So, nothing to be terrified by, but neither does it especially grab.

    edit: Removed assertion that "Black Mirror" had a Ghost Box feel to it. Re-listened and no.
    I have all of Bruce's solo albums and singles and the one I play the least is In Esse. Never made it all the way through in one sitting though. One of my favs is the 12" picture disc entitled Ovo Mix, which is mash up of the Ab Ovo album tracks, as well as other songs from his back catalogue. Well worth tracking down imo
    Nick - I had my first ever MRI scan a couple of months ago; agreed re Bruce. Also, it put me in mind of Low Dogg from the Micachu & The Shapes album 'Never'. I actually took a CD in as advised, but the sound quality in the headphones provided was so poor and weak I did wish I'd just opted to listen to the machine rather than a mix of the two.

    I've not listened to the new Bruce yet, but the track posted on Soundcloud didn't really whet the appetite too much.
    Having had a few listens now the lead off track, UNDERTOW is not truly representative of the album as a whole. I agree it's at the AB OVO end of Bruce's solo work, with a lot more subtlety and scope than some of his more challenging stuff. In fact track 9 WHERE? is reminiscient in parts, of the closing section of the 17 min classic Curtain Call off The Black Album by The Damned!