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    Hi all, can't wait for tonight and the (rareish) chance to see one of the greatest bands ever. I have a spare ticket for this and was wondering if anyone knows of somebody who needs one....face value, obviously. Due to the lateness of this my phone number is 07956 578833 and hopefully i won't get any silly/prank calls. Anyone interested, give me a call and i'll meet you in Kings Cross, pre gig.
    Blimey. That's a bit risky.

    Didn't they have an album called Come On Die Young?

    ; )
    & extremely good it is!
    Risky, who for? The ticket is on Scarletmist, who have all my details, so not risky for prospective purchaser and me, i can look after myself :-)

    Anyway, leaving for N London now so, if anyone wants it, they'll have to phone!
    Enjoy the gig, chaps!
    Yes, enjoy the gig...Tell us how it went later on...Wonder if Bruce will be in the audience.
    Bruce ?? Ha ! More chance of seeing The Yorkshire Ripper !!
    That bad is it..? I sense no sign then of some sort of reconcilliation with regard to future projects. That disappoints me, it really does.
    Mogwai - you weren't the geezer i met in the King Charles pub were you?
    Was the King Charles the pub where me and my mates were playing Bar Billiards? If so then yes, tis me.
    aye that was us - yapping about Mr Sheringham Snr & Jnr!
    Well, if you fancy talking more drunken(ish) footie/punk rubbish i'll be at The Dublin Castle on Sat 27th Sept to see the mighty, and feckin brilliant, Menace yes....MENACE!!!!!

    Alternatively, pop along to any Welling United game and you'll find me somewhere behind the goal we're attacking.
    no can do cos "i'm an undercover agent for the glc etc etc"