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    I've just watched Carlos, the 2010 three part series about Carlos the Jackal.

    Maybe this has been mentioned before so apologies if it has, but....

    There was a bit of New Order in the first episode, but even so I was rather surprised when the opening bars of Ahead suddenly started in episode two. So surprised that I had to rewind a bit as I wasn't really watching what was going on! :)

    And then in episode 3 there was Wire overkill with Dot Dash, Drill and The 15th all featured.

    Very good series, too.

    More info here...
    This series was actually how I discovered Wire. And The Feelies. Not an exaggeration to say that watching that show was the single most impactful event in the evolution of my musical taste.

    Olivier Assayas generally seems to have great taste in music; watching his movies has been a continuous source of musical discovery. I especially liked the use of Fantasia Lindum in Apr├Ęs Mai.