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    Rumoured to be a Wire Singles box set, covering the years 1977-1980 coming out For RSD 2018.

    The obvious question is: Who Has Nine?
    Think it'll retail around the £80 mark. Probably worth the investment as it's a one off release. Will try & get a copy myself.
    Looks great, but a bit surprised this an RSD thing. I'm in record shops all the time, so I don't need encouraging to support them and you certainly won't catch me queuing outside one. Hopefully the eBay scalpers won't scoop them up and there will be some left in the days after RSD. There are 1,500 Wire fans who'd happily buy this direct from though surely?

    Be interesting to see what the RSD price is.
    If you want a benchmark, I read that last year Status Quo did a box set of all their mid to late 80s singles. So that was 12 7" singles and it retailed for £80. That's more singles than in the Wire box but this isn't even 'Pictures of Matchstick Men' or 'Down Down' by the way's their cover of 'The Wanderer', 'In the Army Now' and a load of flop singles - albeit for a band with a pretty huge global fanbase. So £80 for 9 brilliant Wire singles is probably a good estimate.

    I've helped my friend's record shop on a few RSDs and the problem is that while it is supposed to be about promoting grass roots music retailers - (and make no mistake times are still tough in spite of the "vinyl boom" especially for shops that don't sell second hand stuff) - that also means that the distributors need to take a big cut too so the costs mount up. That's not just the indies - PIAS, Cargo, ROM etc that's also Sony and Universal Music - and the distinctions seems very blurred to me in terms of how those businesses operate as they seem to share logistics in some cases...and make no mistake, you're not dealing with Geoff Travis or Tony Wilson and a load of stoned hippies, you're dealing with hard nosed business people who need to make a profit and get invoices paid on time.

    The way the business is operating at the moment seems to be turn the last remaining buyers of physical product upside down and shake every last bit of loose change out of them to offset the new generation who just stream everything on their iPhone - hopefully Pink Flag can sell this box for a reasonable price but let's see.
    In 2015 when Wire played on Record Store day at Rough Trade East - they were only able to provide the album "Wire" as a test pressing - because RSD had (and has) gone so far away from helping the little labels and bands - the larger labels were gazumping the likes of pinkflag to get their releases pressed. What intrigues me more is the opening line on the RSD website about this release....."NINE SEVENS is the first of a series of re-releases of Wire's 70's catalogue".....

    The first of a series - hmmm.....this could get VERY interesting.....
    More details:

    Potentially intriguing is that Bruce is credited with the sleeve design. Unless it's a much older design, it's a bit surprising that he's actively involved in Wire business these days. And strange to me that the design suggests, perhaps too literally, the more recent "Fishes Bones" than anything from the 70s. Curiosities abound!
    Cool release but really disappointed to see that this is a RSD release. I refuse to support anything related to that god awful initiative. Ask any record store owner how they truly feel about record store day and they will tell you that net-net it hurts their business.
    Dr Medulla - I happen to know that Bruce's design is a contemporary one - he's involved in this Wire business!
    Nice that Bruce is involved in this - that, and the dedication to BCG on the Wire tune on the Touch compilation last year hopefully signals a thawing in relations.

    Still, apart from the fact this is a nice thing, do we really need another well-worn tread over the 1970s ground? I've got all the tunes on this about half a dozen times over already.
    There have been regular requests over the years to do something with the original singles. For those who love their vinyl (and perhaps don't own Wire's singles), surely it's better to have the option to buy a set like this than not?
    They're not terribly hard to track down, though, are they? Can't say I've ever seen a copy of Our Swimmer in the wild, but anyone that wants a 7" of Outdoor Miner can pick it up at the click of a button on Discogs.
    Like anything else on discogs they are not hard to track down, but cheap they are not.
    In fact Outdoor Miner is probably the only one that can be bought for a few Euros or Pounds.
    The other 7" are way more expensive and only Mannequin in a decent condition would possibly cost more than the whole box.
    I think the issue for me, at least, is that I most certainly do want the set. The problem is trying to get anything worth having on RSD is a nightmare. And I don’t want to be put in a position of having to pay silly money from those trying to capitalise in scarcity. I will happily purchase from Wire directly, but even that sounds like it is contingent on any being left over after RSD. We shall see.
    Oh well, looks like I’ll be having a sleepless night then early queue on Saturday for this. Fingers crossed it out prices itself for the Ebay scalpers!!
    My issue with the RSD stuff is regional... this is a UK release, on top of everything else... so those of us in North American can't get it regardless of our lining up or not...
    Only 1500 so going to be hard to get one.
    I've tried a local(ish) record shop to see if they'll have the set in but they haven't bothered to get back to me, so I'm going to forget it and see if there are a few left for sale (officially) on here afterwards.
    Amazing. The RSD isn't even over and already this £79.99 set is available from several sellers on eBay for between £120 and £150!
    One rather brazenly even has the original price sticker on it. *sigh*
    Just managed to snag one at Action Records in Preston at 4pm for the bargain price of £68! Fuck Ebay.