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    More news,,,,,

    and take a look in the pinkflag shop.....
    Take my money now!!!
    I think this'll be the sixth time I've bought these albums in one format or another, but, hey, at this point it's also thanks for decades of marvellous work.

    Is it appropriate to say that these re-releases are also connected to Bruce being somewhat involved in current Wire business? That is, are they a consensus operation on legacy releases and require all four originals signing off on these things?
    Here it is...again. No problem with these getting a re-release - it's all helps keep Wire alive and stops people getting fleeced for Vinyl editions in particular. For those of us who already have this stuff - can someone with more patience than me identify which of the tracks were not on the 'Behind the Curtain' compilation that EMI put out in 1995?
    For those about to investigate R Swimmer's question - just to avoid confusion - in the new list there is a track called "Finistaire" which was retitled "Mercy".....on "Behind The Curtain" the track titled "Finistaire" is actually "Marooned". One thing the list has clarified - it had been mentioned that Wire had demoed a song called "Chairs Missing" - this has now been confirmed as the original title of "Used To".
    This site now has an area that outlines the background behind the releases and the tracks included:

    Some of the tracks were available in some form on Behind the Curtain, but the audio here has all been remastered. Also, you get a book, which has new interview content with every band member (including Bruce), and imagery no-one's ever seen before. As a package, I imagine these are going to be really nice, and you're of course getting more than just the music, meaning the item has more longevity than ripping it to a computer and bunging it on a shelf!
    Couple of questions if I may....

    Were the alternate mixes on "Pink Flag" done at the time or are they contemporary? Specifically - is the "Three Girl Rhumba" alt mix the same as "3rd Millenium Girl"?

    This is where I may be showing my naivety - what are the differences in the album and single versions of "Practice Makes Perfect" and "I Am The Fly"?
    The links to order the special editions just take you to the vinyl and standard cd.....
    Click on the More Formats link underneath each album.

    edit: Sorry, you're right. The order link to the SE was there last night when I pre-ordered.
    It was there when I did too - gulp - hope our orders aren't lost.....
    35 unreleased tracks - wahey!
    I don't quite understand the "cd-only" bonus track strategy of the last few reissues. I've purchased each of these albums multiple times and this doesn't really incentivize me to buy them again. I think a 70's-era single LP collection of singles, b-sides and rarities is much needed.
    Lee: As far as I know, all this stuff was done at the time. Three Girl Rhumba alt mix is an alt mix, and nothing to do with Colin's post-2000s reworking.

    Special edition links. Hmm. Am investigating. They were definitely there last night.

    EDIT: Something's been broken re the SE links; now in the process of being fixed.
    Does anyone know if these will be available outside the PinkFlag store? I ask because the overseas shipping always kills me, but if these can be ordered by other stores or vendors in North America, I suspect it would save me a ton... anyone know?
    Yes, they will be available in/via stores.
    It will be interesting to see if Wire does what it so far has steadfastly refused to do- that is, do shows of the first three albums exclusive of any new material as per usual. It would certainly make for a great set list (s), possibly with slightly different arrangements of the selected material. Personally I'm hoping for another multi show residency such as the one they did in NY last fall.
    Colin has already said that their performance of "Pink Flag" in full in 2003 was a mistake - but with Wire - if none of us expect them to do something - they've been known to do it!
    I can't imagine they'd ever want to do full albums live again. It'd also seem an odd thing when one of the members from that time's gone now. I'm happy enough with them cherry picking (and sometimes reworking) stuff they find interesting to still play, and bunging that in a set list alongside newer material.