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    I'm sure the special editions will look great - and given the book and the amount of music on offer - the pricing has been excellent in my view.
    @craig grannell - most of the comments on SDE are very supportive about the extra content being exclusive to the physical CD

    @stevethehouse CD has been 'on it's way out' as a format for over ten years. The fact that you can still buy the top 40 CDs in my local supermarket says it all about the way people engage with Music - normal market forces and 'consumer behaviour' definitely apply but in a very complicated and nuanced way which means these old formats don't just die overnight and Vinyl has crept back. For all it's faults - the SDE site is an essential read for anyone trying to make sense of what's happening in terms of the way people consume music. As Lee says, revenue from streaming is f--all. Only R&B/Pop megastars are getting any real return from it, so I think Wire have more to gain by adding something exclusive to these reissues than just chucking it all out on Spotify/Apple which is as good as giving it away.
    When the last 77-79 box set came out there was much virtue made of the fact it was original tracks (as god intended) and the live cds and booklet were a bonus - nice object at the time. This time around after much deliberating I've decided I'll go for it - we are probably in the final years - hopefully the last re-issue of the period.

    The following been talked about before on here but I stress again from a personal point of view: I only started Wire mid 90's - all the 80's / 90's stuff I bought second hand or on shop discount - it's all a bit tatty now - I'm waiting for it to re-mastered or for a box set re-issue - the Read and Burn book suggested Wire don't like the era too much but I say it's a wonderful if imperfect era. I really doubt Daniel Miller would not let it happen given Wire have made commercial headway the last 20 years - what are we waiting on for a re-issue?
    I got the impression from the R&B book that it wasn't so much the material but the process of recording those records wasn't fondly remembered. Quite a few tracks from that era have been revived in Wire live sets over the past few years -and indeed at my first gig at the 2000 RFH I was surprised that they were playing quite a bit of the 80s stuff. That phase of Wire definitely deserves a box set and/or reissues of some sort and presumably there is some stuff in the vault - the WMO 'Coatings' comp of course is long out of print and going for £40 or more online. Of course for now it's all about the Harvest era reissues but I'd hazard a guess there are some plans for the Wire MK2 stuff...
    I have a hard time justifying a CD purchase - but the band have done everything they can to make this "essential" (book, bonus etc)... my personal preference has always been a vinyl LP and a download code for the missing tracks - but I get there is also licensing considerations when it comes to some of that stuff, plus the increased ease of piracy; which is abated for bands like Wire, I suspect, by the fact these rarities are on CDs purchased by diehard fans.
    I'm very much in the artifact camp here. I'd much rather having "a thing" to hold and look at than just getting a set of files. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to import the tracks to put them on my iPod (yes, I've still got on of them) or my phone then the package will then spend a lot of it's life on the shelf but it's there, I can look at it, read it and enjoy it. You don't get that from a PDF do you.This goes all the way back to the old days when you bought something, read the arse off everything on the bus home then played it to death before repeating the whole process the next weekend.
    "I can look at it, read it and enjoy it"

    For me, that's what makes these albums worth existing in this format. These days, I don't care about CDs for the most part. I'll generally download albums instead. When I get CDs as gifts, they go on the shelf. But I've read Read & Burn more than once (in paper – not in Kindle or something), and the same's going to be true here. These are documents of a particular period of Wire, rather than just a set of tracks. To me, that makes them something quite special. (And I do hope with whatever Wire does next, this format is viable enough to stick around.)
    There are way too many negative comments on this thread. Frankly, it’s fantastic that Wire are acknowledging their first three albums and offering fans delux editions. I loved the Silver/Lead special edition and hope PF, CM and 154 come out in a similar style. The extra discs of outtakes etc plus unseen photos, interviews and freshly written text sounds to me like three items for all Wire fans to cherish.
    There are way too many negative comments on this forum...
    I don't think that expressing disappointment over the lack of vinyl is expressing a negative opinion. I'd much rather have a tangible artifact that I can get some use out of rather than filing it away on the shelf. Not including bonus tracks as a download makes perfect sense but leaving them off of the vinyl is a real head scratcher for me.
    Commercial viability, perhaps? The PF extras are 30 mins, so that'd be a double vinyl. Chairs Missing's extras are 18 and 66, which would just about fit on two records, albeit not split between singles and demos. 154's are 41 and 46, and so would gain require at least a triple vinyl. I suspect Wire will be able to sell a bunch of vanilla records, but those are already £20. How much more would the extras inflate the pricing? At that point, how much do the sales start to tail off? Also, the book's not viable for that format.
    I'm sure the special edition releases all come down to manufacturing costs and how much profit Wire can make on them. I'm sure they would love to release everything in all formats to satisfy all the fans, but clearly it isn't viable. It would be good if Wire put out a statement explaining the reasoning behind their format decisions. Unless Craig, with his connections, is the unofficial mouthpiece!
    Difference of opinion is allowed (and should even be encouraged, I'd suggest). This isn't a cult.
    Preview of a bonus track up now on The Quietus. French Film Blurred, which it seems started life as a short, shouty Pink Flag style punk rock stomper.
    I see Colin is on The Radcliffe and Maconie show on 6 Music today (May 18). No doubt talking about the reissues with a bit of Immersion thrown in
    I am happily in possession of all three releases, and they are gorgeous. A bargain at £28 each, but quite a dent in the wallet to buy all three at the same time. Looking forward to spending the weekend with late seventies Wire, especially the demos.
    Just picked 'em up from the post office - they look smashing! Plus a pinkflag badge to go along with the one I've had for years - one on each lapel - those Shoreditch hipsters down by Rough Trade will wanna know my fashion tips
    So comparing tracklists with various old compilations and bootlegs it looks like there is absolutely everything ........except the groovy demo of "Used To" (that is on the "Not About To Die" bootleg album). Shame as that's an interestingly different version. Lost the master maybe?
    So it isn't the same as "Chairs Missing (Used To)" on the new reissue?
    Ha ha yes now I see they fooled me with an alternate title. So looks like everything is out there now......nice one