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    Here's the link to Colin's BBC 6 interview/plugging of the Harvest albums yesterday

    Very enlightening, engaging and humourous interview.
    Timestamp: 1:36, if you want to skip right to the interview. Good to see the SEs are getting out there into the wild, too.
    Nerdiest post so the pinkflag badges - my new one has the standard blue background - my older one has a green background - rare misprint?
    What was the deal with the badges? I seem to remember original orders for all three SE sets would get a badge but they were limited; I pre-ordered as soon as they were announced and my order arrived earlier this week (wednesday!) so I think mibe was one of the initial orders. Did I just get unlucky?
    It was supposed to be the first 50 who ordered all three sets form the website - check if you received an extra flat envelope within the parcel - that would have the badge in it
    Hi All,

    We got an awful lot of orders that first day. So if you didn't make the 1st 50 sorry!

    We have found somewhere to make up new badges, thinking of doing a 1st 3 set :)

    BTW- Lee that original batch were all done at the same time so your green is just aged blue :)

    No problem - I didn't realise the badges were so limited and thanks for the info. Definitely no envelope inside my order, but I feel a bit better that I had to be one of just 50 to get one!
    Congrats on all the recent product by the way - singles box set is beautifully made - none of those fuzzy, bleached-out scans of the record sleeves you see on some repackages - and the new CD sets are wonderful. Thanks to all for doing things so well.
    Absolutely agree with the sentiments above - thanks and congrats to all those involved. Definite candidates for reissues of the year.
    Me too, it's been a wonderful month for my Wire collection and many thanks to all involved.

    On the subject of the badge, I was one of the lucky ones, but even luckier in that I forgot what was in the plain envelope and had to rescue it from our recycling bin just in time!

    Now I can't find the one I got a few years back....
    After all the well deserved acclaim of the singles box sets and special issues I came across this on youtube that pays homage to Wire from a different angle:

    It makes me smile. Frank is an act sadly missed by his untimely early death - good to see he was a fan.