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    As reported by Stereogum and The Quietus, a new Immersion album is on the way, along with a US tour.

    There's also a new Immersion website, which will grow over time.
    Fingers crossed the new record is rather more necessary than Analogue Creatures.
    I've heard it and like it a lot. Quite a heavy krautrock influence that runs throughout, but with Immersion's trademark synths and Malka's funky bass. To me, it feels like the best Immersion *album* so far, too (as compared to previous releases, where I tended to listen to standout tracks more than the entire thing).
    Had a lot of time for the Full Immersion album, but everything since has been a bit of a noodle for me. The whole Analogue Creatures concept of 'switch the machines on and let them run by themselves' smacked of utter laziness and abject creative bankruptcy, to be honest.

    I'll give this new one a listen though.
    The first single sounds great - right up my alley... but WHY do they have to be playing in Toronto on a night I already have tickets to another show? (I know, I know - first world problems - just a bummer, as I would LOVE to see them).
    Ouch! Do let us have the address of the Charm School you attended Pieta.

    I really like the more ambient, loop based stuff like 'Low Impact' - be interested to hear what they do with more live instrumentation. Presume this new one is all instrumental tracks or are there vocals?
    All instrumental, yes. In terms of the overall sound, as I said above, I'd say it's more rhythmic than previous Immersion efforts – there's a strong underpinning of motorik/krautrock married with some funky bass lines from Malka. Still plenty of synths and ambience though.
    Immersion played "Io" and "Hovertron" at the last Nanocluster - hearing those I'm looking forward to the album.
    Been a while. Picked up my Immersion tix today and remembered that I haven’t visited in a while.

    Really looking forward to this show and hearing some meaty bass via Malka.

    Hello all!
    I’m loving what I’ve heard and read so far. Ticking all the boxes for me!
    Got an email to say my vinyl pre-order will late as demand outweighed the numbers pressed up. Gutted. May have to purchase the download to keep my Immersion hunger at bay!
    Anyone know why the Toronto date was switched to tonight at the last minute?
    Toronto show cancelled?

    Just showed up at The Drake Hotel here in Toronto
    with my Immersion ticket in hand only to be told they
    have no idea about the gig.
    Hi all,

    The date of the Toronto show was a promoter screw up. We were confirmed for the Monday but the promoter had the wrong date on their website. They were supposed to have informed all ticket holders of that correct date but I guess not everyone got reached. :(

    Please take this up with and tell tell to give you refund and a free ticket for the next time!!

    Colin and Malka