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    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this yet. It was buried in the press release but Wire are doing a Q&A and signing at Rough Trade to launch the re-issues on Saturday 19 May. According to this:
    present will be Jon Savage, Graham Duff, Jon Wozencroft as well as Colin, Graham, Robert *and* Bruce.

    Last time I looked you could get a wrist band by ordering one of the reissues but seems it's now first come, first served - Event runs for just an hour which doesn't seem long enough given the line up. That includes 15 mins for audience questions - which in my experience at any of these sort of events is usually hogged by a small number of people gushing about what a big fan they are and then saying "my question is kind of three questions really...".

    Anyway, if I was reasonably local I'd be there like a shot but attempting to get a train down from Granadaland to London on Cup Final/Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Wedding Day would be a foolhardy and very expensive thing to do - even to get a full set of Wire autographs and see the Fab Four back together for a bit. Hopefully there will be Eyewitnesses and Documents for this event.
    Wild horses wouldn't keep me away from this one - although it depends on how wild the horses are around Wembley and Windsor - plus the fact it would be quite newsworthy if they were rampaging around the Brick Lane area.....

    Offtopic for a say about the questions that are posed at Q & A's - last week I saw John Doran interviewing Cosey Fanni Tutti in Walthamstow - he began the talk by saying that Q & A's are not meant to have questions where you go on about your sunday dinner and suchlike and how this links to your question etc.....and then his first question to Cosey lasted over a minute - where most of it was about his own move to Walthamstow, his own alcoholism, the fact that his local pub had now been gentrified.....and it was only the very last bit was when he asked Cosey whether she felt London had changed in recent years!
    I'm glad it's not going on too long, as I'm going to be shooting across to the Borderline for Pere Ubu after.

    Looking forward to a great evening!