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    Wire are the headline act this Sunday (May 6) at the Glasgow Art School as part of the Stag And Dagger mini-festival. With the special editions of Pink Flag, Chairs Missing and 154 about to be released I'm now wondering out loud if there are going to be more songs (than ever before) from those three albums incorporated into the live set-list.
    This is where Wire play a 60-minute rendition of Pieta, to quiet bafflement.
    They played last year's set in Texas last month.....
    I'd buy a ticket to hear a 60 minute version of Pieta.
    Knowing Wire's natural instinct, we can maybe expect the unexpected... which would be a huge chunk of the set devoted to the first three albums.

    But they will probably ignore the first three albums on Sunday night – even though they have acknowledged at least one track from each album in their live sets in recent years (Blessed State, Mr Suit, Used To etc).

    Shit... I'm all confused now!
    Wire set list from Marfa, Texas-

    I was thinking the same thing Stephen, but as noted it was basically last year's set. Not just Texas, but Marfa which was the home and workplace of the great minimalist artist Donald Judd. I'm a bit surprised this didn't garner more attention given the fact that both Wire and Judd came into prominence in the late 70's. As the Judd foundation owns thousands of acres of land and several dozen buildings on a former decommissioned military base 300 miles from the nearest airport it's kind of a perfect place for Wire to play just one set of new(ish) material.

    The Marfa full set on youtube doesn't have the greatest audio quality but worth a view nonetheless.

    This 3 song set from the Generiq Fest in France earlier this year has surprisingly good audio-
    Yes, Freakbag, I’ve watched the Generiq footage a few and the quality is excellent. Since they don’t have many gigs in the pipeline I’m sure Wire will stay on safe ground with their set list for Glasgow. It’d be great if they threw in something completely unexpected like Mercy or Too Late.
    A kindly person filmed Underwater Experiences at the Glasgow Art School gig
    ...and here’s Used To from the same event
    Safe ground indeed. They have played the same setlist as in all the other recent gigs. In fact I think this setlist debuted more than one year ago (first time i have heard it was in Reading) and IMO several songs now need a rest, in particular the slower ones. Sound was not so great as quite often is the case at festivals
    What I don’t quite get is how cost effective these one-off appearances are for Wire. They’ve now played festivals in France , the US and Glasgow, none of these would have been big money makers for the band with all their travel and overheads etc.
    Agreed, Stephen. At least France and Scotland are relatively close by. However, traveling 12,000 miles round trip from London to the Chihuahuan desert is quite the excursion for just one gig and not exactly a big payday. If they did it for the fun of it, as well as the aesthetic experience, then why not. Marfa is to minimalism what Mecca is to a Muslim pilgrim. Surprised they went all that way and didn't throw in some more shows stateside.

    Yup, safe ground, but then again for most people hearing it it's probably brand new. I'd vote for a different set list at this point,
    but with the upcoming Immersion tour doesn't look like Wire will be doing too many more show in the coming months.