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    Just wondered if anyone could print the setlist from last night? i did try to get one, but i was too slow. Great gig though.
    cracking gig & a damned fine venue - apart from the bars being understaff & not all of 'em selling draft beer!!
    The band was great - some real passion and a sense of fun from Colin and Graham, and some fantastic renditions of tracks from all eras of Wire. Advantage in Height, Perspex Icon, Mr. Marx's Table, The 15th, Comet and I Don't Understand all stood out, but there were no duds last night. It'd be interesting to see a 'live' version of some of the Object 47 tracks get released, too. Although I like the album, it's pretty clear after hearing the tracks live that the guitar work is kind of lost. The sparse (and faster) versions of those tracks are really good.

    The venue, though, was a little odd. It's been a _long_ time since I've been to Scala (about ten years), and although the front-of-house women were lovely, the security staff were total idiots. Also, what was with the mixing towards the end? It was like someone went "I REALLY LIKE BASS!" and ramped all the bass up during the course of a song. By the end, I retreated from near the stage, because the bass was so heavy it was drowning out everything else!
    It was a fabulous gig! I agree with everything Craig wrote above. In case anyone's interested, I've uploaded a few photos I took during the band's soundcheck onto my Flickr site:
    Some excellent pics there, mr cartoonist sir. Thursday's gig in Glasgow can't come soon enough for me
    i wish we'd decided to go to Melkweg & Minnemaars as well, now - excellent night!
    Stephen, many thanks! The Glasgow gig will be fab, I'm pretty sure.
    Any chance of a set-list for the show guys?
    Set list:

    Our Time [Read & Burn 03]
    Mr Marx's Table [Send]
    Comet [Read & Burn 01]
    Being Sucked In Again [Chairs Missing]
    Mekon Headman [Object 47]
    Perspex Icon [Object 47]
    Advantage In Height [The Ideal Copy]
    The Agfers Of Kodack [Send]
    All Fours [Object 47]
    One Of Us [Object 47]
    Boiling Boy [A Bell Is A Cup]
    The 15th [154]
    106 Beats That [Pink Flag]
    I Don't Understand [Send Redux]
    Encore I
    He Knows {unrecorded}
    Pink Flag [Pink Flag]
    Encore II
    Lowdown [Pink Flag]
    12XU [Pink Flag]
    Encore III
    Our Time [Read & Bern 03]
    106 Beats That was pretty funny - a real endearing mess.
    Thanks infobase - great to see, thanks for your trouble.
    Save for the addition of He Knows, that set seems to be an exact copy of the set that they were playing in Europe. Did they really play Our Time twice?
    Yes, Our Time twice, joked that they didn't know anything else, or rather that they hadn't rehearsed anything else and that they weren't going to play your favourite Wire track badly!!
    Hmmm... I guess I should expect to see that setlist during my show then. I was planning on attending multiple shows, but if it's going to be the same songs every night... I may have to reconsider.
    I had'nt seen Wire since the Mean Fiddler in 1990 (when Robert walked off for a too long bit during Drill) so it was a pleasant surprise to see most the of the band alive and well and still up for it. Even better was hearing some of the older stuff which of course I'd never heard before.

    I did think I'd heard 'Silk Skin Paws' I hallucinating?

    Neither Wire nor I can wait another 20 years, so I look forward to the next time.


    John H
    Colin's comment ahead of the third encore - "You don't want us to play your favourite song badly. We're Wire, we don't do that sh!t." - brought a jovial cry of "You already have!" from a woman just along from me.

    Which rather captured the whole thing as far as I was concerned, in that it was very far from neat and tidy...and yet it had an enormous sense of fun and enjoyment about it. Much as I could live without "12XU", for example, that version - which basically involved chasing it down the street wielding baseball bats rather than actually playing it - was tremendously entertaining. Best take on "I Don't Understand" I've yet heard too.

    All in all, a fine night. My girlfriend, who'd come along dutifully despite feeling ill and having been left cold by various of the records, really enjoyed it too.
    It was great fun...and shouting for 'Practise Makes Perfect' won't make a difference!

    The 15th...marvellous...
    John H, you're hallucinating.

    No SSP at the Scala - nor did Rob walk from the stage at the Mean Fiddler. This is because he dind't walk on to it in the first place - this was that rarest of events - a Wir gig.

    I seem to remember him exiting mid-Drill at the Astoria a couple of years earlier though.... leaving a drum machine thudding away on the beat.

    BTW there is one other change to the early '08 gigs - they've dropped Circumspect from the set, appartently to prevent Colin doing himself an injury trying to hit the high notes ;-)

    A great gig! That was the first time I've seen them since the Barbican 'Pink Flag' / aerobics class event. There was a real sense of fun to it as well, from both the band and the audience - not easy in such a crap venue (mind you, is there a decent place for such an event anywhere in London outside the South Bank-Barbie axis?) A shame Bruce has departed, but the new guitarist adds to the full frontal assault which was what they were all about in the first place. Can't wait for the next time.
    interesting to find you didnae like the venue - could you expand upon it? i've never been there b4 (tho' i knew it'd had a refurb recently) so had no preconceptions. i thought it was a tatsy little venue - especially with the bars looking down at the back - tho' a lot smaller than i'd anticipated as a band of such longevity as Wire were playing there. only thing i didn't like was that massive mixing desk in the middle of the floor - move it Scala!!!

    & what makes South Bank/Barbican so good? i've been there & yes, sound & sightlines are good, but they're a tad soulless &, worse of all for a 'rock' gig - SEATED!! i HATE seated venues!!