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    Things I disliked about Scala (which I'd not been to in ten years):
    - Aside from the front-of-house staff (lovely), the staff were either incompetent, too few (bar staff) or utter arseholes (security).
    - It's too cramped, and therefore if you're a short-arse like me (I'm 5' 8"ish), you can't see anything unless you clamber on to one of the short stairways or grab a balcony position.
    - This one might not be Scala's fault, but I question whoever was doing the mixing's decision to arbitrarily ramp up the bass half-way through one of the later songs in the set (and several times, too). It totally wrecked the mix towards the end of the gig.

    Things I liked about Scala:
    - It's easy to get to from major train stations.
    - The stage is a decent size.
    - They actually offer lime with their Coronas.
    - Um...

    Personally, I preferred the Garage. That place is dingier, but the sightlines were better, as were the staff.

    As for the lack of Bruce, I'm sure some people will disagree, but I don't think the live Wire misses him at all. In fact, I think this is the best of the Wire gigs I've seen. It always helps when you can tell the band are really into it and giving it their all.
    i'll go along about lack of bar staff - shocking!!!! i found the couple of secruity guys i had contact with ok. what were you up to, Craig?!?!?!!?

    after watching the 1st 1/2 of the gig on the 'floor' we got a beer at the top bar & hung over a balcony - great veiw, no hassle - just like Koko in that respect.

    all in all, i found it a great venue - just miles from south London!! still Surprised that Wire played there & even more surprised that it wasnae sold out!!!
    Frankly, it was packed enough. God knows what Scala's like when sold out!
    dirty, sweaty & seedy - i love it!!!!!
    I rather liked it too, I have to say. Much like the performance, it definitely wasn't without its technical faults...but it felt like a very intimate and intense space for a loud, energetic gig. I'm going back in a week or so's time to see Glasvegas, at which point I'll find out what it's like when it's properly full...
    Standing at the front at the Scala gig on Monday, one thing that intrigued me was what was Colin using the iBook for? Lyrics, arrangements?

    Fantastic gig, well worth the 20 odd years wait since I saw them last (at Sadlers Wells, I think - or maybe it was Bloomsbury Theatre)...

    I like the venue. Not too big, decent sound.
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeSep 12th 2008)
    who is/was ("the"?) Scala? The name somehow just doesn't suggest London to the American ear...

    British theatres/cinemas in the early c.20 tended to have exotic names like The Scala, the Rialto, The Ritz, The Locarno etc. The Scala name dates back to its former use as a cinema. There was also a band called Scala, Bruce Gilbert did a remix for them.
    Bruce remixed Slide, which was also on To You In Alpha. (Oddly enough, a track from the same single, Vitamin X, is one of the few things I've remixed—unofficially, obviously—although all I did was extend the good bit and remove the lengthy quiet intro.)
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeSep 14th 2008)
    ah, I see, like the Tivoli...
    Rumour has it that The Tivoli's being sold & brought down!!!
    The Scala was okay for a London venue, which are usually dreadful, but the lack of space after its re-fit from a cinema means that there is less room for the staging of an actual 'event', unlike those at the Barbie and South Bank. All too often, such corporate-run venues become mere spaces rather than actual places (you can tell I've been listening to my Wire c.d.s).
    it's a combination of the venue, the band(s), dj's &, most importantly, the crowd that make 'events' such as they are. i certainly thought there was a real good vibe at t'Scala - Wire's onstage, er, affability & good humour, smiles & convo's with the audience that i've never met b4 - all in a very good night.

    a perfect example of what i'm trying to say was The Pistols gigs last year at The Academy. I USED to really rate that venue, but it needs a total overhaul, but the crowd were great, despite the awful sound (which is common there these days). i have never struck up so many conversation with strangers at a gig since back in the day ('77/'78). every1 was there for the RIGHT reason - ie to have a bloody good time. i think the vast majority of the people i bumped into at the Scala gig (& b4 it at a pub) were 'up 4 it'. & to be honest you don't get that at a) seated venues & b) bars like that at the Barbie! It has great sightlines & sound, but lacks 'soul' (how pretentious of me!?!?!)!
    Agreed. The Scala certainly lacks soul - I remember it as the best repertory cinema in London and its conversion to a rock venue has left out the communal feel it used to have when it showed all those wierd cult films years ago. Which is the real problem for us poor rock fans, especially in London (I don't know about places outside the Smoke as it's been years since I went to a gig in the provinces) - there's no places that caters for people on a communal level. You have to go to places like the Melkweg in Amsterdam and Loppen ('Fleas') in Christiana, Copenhagen (where Wire actually played years ago). Cargo in EC1 almost has a similar vibe, as does the Corsica Studios in Elephant and Castle - but then again, the main purpose of all such places in London at least is to make money for corporate types who recently shut down the Spitz - one of the few decent places to see a band (The Corsica may be an exception to this, but its still a bit uncomfortable when crowded).
    if i was brutally honest, all i want is a good gig with a good crowd at a venue with good sound. i take on board your comment about 'community' & putting on different events, but i'll travel tomost places 4 a decent gig/night out, but i'm not too bothered if they show films & put on exhibitions as well. If it were on my doorstep i'd love it, but it deepest south London, there's sfa like that!

    i iliked the music room at Spitz, but to go down 3 floors for the toilet was a bitmuch. anyhow i thought it got a reprieve?

    Melkweg - how i wish i was going 2nite! & Ghent last night! oh well - can't be too greedy!