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    "And with a change of mind comes a change of....." format.....

    I notice no one is actually selling the cartridge - it looks like on the tracklisting "A Touching Display" suffers the fate of many a long track on one of those things - it's cut in half - so you'll hear it up to a certain point - then CLUNK - pause - then you hear the rest of the track.....
    The demo version of "Outdoor Miner" is a revelation. For the longest time my ear was hearing more chord changes in the chorus than there actually are!
    My personal demo revelation is "Ignorance No Plea"
    I see the special Editions didn't have the legs to stay in the top 100 for the week.

    But in the independent chart Chairs Missing comes in at 21, 154 is at 22, and Pink Flag at number 24.
    Did anyone film the Q&A at RT East? I'd love to see it
    The remastering on these new discs sounds phenomenal. A vast improvement over the 2006 remasters in my opinion. The mastering sounds more natural and it seems like there is a greater emphasis on sonic clarity. The early noughties were kind of a dark time for remastering jobs so it is great to hear new versions with a more sensible approach.
    Even my solid tin ears can tell a significant difference from the 2006 versions. Even better is the upgrade to the demos over the various boots that have circulated. I'd compare these quite favourably to the Beatles and Clash remasters from the last few years. Between that and the book packaging, the effort is an unambiguous success.

    Now, about the Mute years …
    I’m still pouring over these and digesting all the detail and mammoth amount of tracks. Congratulations to all involved, it’s obvious that the whole project isn’t just a cash-grab.
    Martin63, look above in this thread for jw's response.
    Having listened to these three albums countless times over the years (like most people on this forum), it's hard to experience them with any kind of 'fresh ears' - I guess we all know every nuance and inflection intimately - but, incredibly, new things can be heard in so many tracks. Best discovery for me: a subtle bit of keyboard, well-hidden but distinctly there, in part of The 15th.
    All-round brilliance. Thank you Wire...again.
    I have to wait another two weeks till i get LP versions - No SE either, just remastered!
    These 3 masterpieces have never sounded better. I too look forward to the Mute years albums receiving a similar treatment
    We all know there is a good album in Manscape, just waiting for a little review and mix
    With apologies to Robert - I would be quite partial to a remaster of The First Letter
    I don't know if it'd work, but if I had infinite funds and Wire were game, I'd like to stick Rob in a studio and get him to do proper drums for Bell is a Cup, and then have Colin do some magic to swap out the HORRIBLY LOUD SNARES (and the rest of the drum machines) on that album. Although that'd make for a weird SE. (Original album; not-awful drums version just for Craig; all the other stuff.)

    As for Mute, hard to know if it'd ever happen, for all kinds of reasons. I quite like TFL, too, but would it be viable? I'd be amazed if the entire Mute run got the SE treatment – who's going to buy a three-disc IBTABA or Drill? (Although didn't Wire at one point argue The Drill was an EP? That said, we placed it alongside the studio albums when making this website.) Choice picks here and there, though – you never know.
    Are there drum machines on A Bell is A Cup? It always sounded like heavily processed drums to me. Agree that the gated reverb snare is a bit much but I think the album works as a product of it's time. Certain production trends have aged better than others.
    It’s samples triggered from MIDI. And, yes, it’s a product of its time, but I’d still like to hear an alternate take.
    Just as long as no-one redoing TFL touches 'No Cows on the Ice', which is incapable of improvement (ie it's perfect) to my ears!
    A Bell is a Cup is perfect as it is.

    You heard me.
    Erm.....what's with the quantifier - "You Heard Me"- does this mean that when you say "You Heard Me" we automatically have to agree with you - or is this this you confirming your opinion? We can all confirm an opinion on here without that last epithet.