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    Don't get your pants in a bunch. Merely an underscore to the point and an identifier that I'm not prepared to join the clique.
    Didn't know there was a clique on here - you seem to be the only one who is trying to prove yourself. We're just getting on with enjoying the music.
    IBTABA for me is, well, the ideal copy. The production seems more balanced - drums sound like drums, drum machines sound like drum machines :) . It might be because it was the first Wire album I bought but is not one I think would get much out of a remix/remaster - other than the piano on Its a Boy maybe...
    I started with 1980s Wire, and so IBTABA was one of my early ones. I always felt it sounded a bit 'thin', but the drums are a big improvement over Bell, where the LOUD SNARE is so over the top. Incidentally, I think the chances of Wire re-recording anything from that era is nil. Like I said, this was just an 'if money were no object' mulling. I'd just love to hear Bell is a Cup with Rob on it. (Similarly, So And Slow It Grows is one of my favourite Wir/e tracks, and it'd be interesting to hear a rework of that live, with Rob.)
    "Incidentally, I think the chances of Wire re-recording anything from that era is nil."

    I wouldn't be so sure - they did re-record "Boiling Boy" and "German Shepherds" on the "Strays" EP.....