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    Bit of a long shot, this, but (and bearing in mind I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire) I have an almost complete run of Wire mags from part way through 1995 - 2014 (possibly some from 2015 also). I've come to realise that I'm very unlikely to start dipping back into them, and as such they're just taking up space. If anybody wants them, and is willing to come and get them, they can have them (be too much expense and hassle to post them, and initially I'm not keen to break the set up; although if there are no takers for the set I may do).

    I think by dint of being on this forum, most people are pretty serious about music, so I thought I'd ask here first. They seem like they could be quite a resource for someone so I want to explore that possibility before they get put - with a heavy heart - in the recycling.

    Feel free to post publicly or whisper