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    Blimey - never even knew about this and tkts have gone already!
    The capacity is only 140 - but i got one!
    Anybody go to this? Any good? Any surprises?
    Not to this but I have been to Avellino and Roma. The latter was excellent, while Avellino was not bad but suffered a bit from sound not great and strange atmosphere - seated audience and orchestra pit between stage and seats.
    Surprises yes. Six new songs. You should be able to find a setlist in
    Out of the new songs Hung is my favorite one. A 12 minutes monster of a song.
    There are videos on YouTube of most of the new songs from the Turin show (possibly by now also from other shows but I haven’t checked yet), including Hung in all its glory
    They have been recording in Rockfield before the tour, for the new album which is not due before 2020 if have understood right
    Some very good semi-professionally filmed footage from Italy here:

    3 Girl Rhumba

    (fire DRILL)

    Art Of Peristence
    I wish somebody would post the Ramsgate setlist.... great gig, Playing harp for The Fishes gets me every time.

    And yes, no new Wire material will be released until 2020, Colin has told me this twice
    I have seen a picture of the Ramsgate setlist. It's the same as Turin (s. link above).
    Although the setlist said that the encore would be Two People in a Room, 12XU, Harpooned they played Two People and Drill.
    ah great, thanks!