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    By chance noticed that A Flock of Seagulls have reformed and issued an orchestral version of their two hits plus others.

    I did wonder if it's time for Wire to do the same? I'm not sure if the strings could keep up on Pink Flag songs but should be ok on the Queen of Ur and King of Um.

    I'll take my coat...
    Perhaps someone should ask Zeitkratzer if they'd record an orchestral version of 154
    Are they the ensemble who redid metal machine music? Maybe "crazy about love" could be an idea
    Yes, that ensemble from Berlin.
    They have done Metal Machine Music, Kraftwerk 1&2, Manuel Göttsching's E2-E4, Whitehouse.
    They have also played with Alva Noto, Keiji Haino and various others.
    I can well imagine them re-doing Crazy About Love but also A Touching Display etc.
    Field Day For The Sundays
    Very obvious, but the open form of "Drill" makes it a tempting target.
    "Symphonic in persuasion.."

    Fairly straight ahead choice, but I think A Mutual Friend would be good to give the orchestral treatment to.
    That’s a great choice Fergus :)
    A few tracks I’d like to hear symphonised would be:

    A Touching Display
    So and slow it grows
    Used to
    Our swimmer

    We can but dream!