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    I've just picked up a copy of this new magazine which is £8.99 (with free delivery in the UK too). Uncut call it their 'Ultimate Genre Guide' and it has nine pages on Wire. Details of the mag are here:

    The first four page article is a new one, the other five pages a reprint of one from the NME of 17th December 1977.

    It looks pretty good to me.
    Thanks for the heads up, bought a copy in Sainsbury’s, not very punk I know..... Looks like a nice nostalgia trip, but even just flicking through I got the ‘You’re kidding’ on the top singles rundown, as is always the case.
    The Wire reprinted 77 interview is interesting - as - as is often the case - it speaks more about the interviewer's feelings and prejudices than it says about the band. He's definitely not a fan of Graham Lewis!
    I know what you mean about the top singles, but you have to read the preface as they explain in that why all the ones you'd expect to be there aren't.

    I'd have included 'Be Stiff' by Devo, but maybe they weren't punk? It's still a cracking noise though!