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    Hope nobody minds me starting a new live reviews thread since the 'Live 2008' thread is getting a bit protracted.

    Excellent show in Leeds Cockpit last night, just as well since it was Wire's first visit to the city for nearly 30 years.
    It is nice to have Wire back in the provinces and in smaller venues. Not sure if it was a sell out (show had been 'downsized' from the Metropolitan) but a very respectable turnout nonetheless.

    Lots of calls for Outdoor Miner, Dot Dash. More originally a guy near me was shouting for Our Swimmer, or Arse Wimma as it sounded in broad Yorkshire. Was not to be of course setlist was pretty much identical to the Scala (unless anyone can correct me) although Colin did suggest they might play OM one day.

    Excellent sound in the venue (we were at the back and it was loud and clear), and Wire are back from the festivals with a definite extra woomph. Bit of a false start at one point when everyone was at a different place in the setlist, and I do wish they wouldn't fudge the outro to the 15th, but otherwise an absolute powerhouse of a performance. The O47 tracks are working really well live, esp One of Us, and the Send tracks work much better punctuating the set and revving things up rather than when all played together in one long thrash. Very enthusiastic calls for an encore, and a concise Pink Flag was a highlight for me.
    My fellow attendees who aren't familar with the band were all suitably impressed too. Roll on Manchester for part 2.
    A few random notes about the The Arches gig in Glasgow.

    Sound balance a lot better that I thought it would be (the Arches isn't the best) although I could hardly hear Graham's bassline on One of Us - which made it sound weird until the chorus.

    The hypnotic The Boiling Boy was a revelation.

    Margaret's faultless guitar playing. Although she didn't have to impersonate BC Gilbert totally by keeping a straight-face at all times.

    106 Beats That and 12XU. Can these guys play them any quicker....?

    Not playing Pink Flag for too long - they performed it with power and controlled timing here.

    Colin's 'senior moment' when he couldn't find the jackplug for his guitar after arriving on stage. Needed Margaret to point out the location of his lead!

    Robert dropping a drumstick as he counted in one of the encore songs (can't remember which one). Graham and Colin enjoyed that moment!

    The 15th was probably my highlight because it's such a great song with a brilliant outro.

    The look on Graham's face as Colin corrected him for calling the Tramway (the last time Wire played Glasgow) the "Tram shed" - he was in the middle of dedicating He Said to John Peel at the time.

    The Send and Read and Burn tracks - Mr Marx's Table etc - still sounding fresh. Could have done with Spent, though.

    The aborted start to one song (One Of Us? perhaps). Colin's reasoning for stopping it was "It would only lead to confusion, and after confusion comes panic, and after panic then, well, it all falls apart!"

    I'm making it sound like a comedy of errors. But it wasn't like that. It wiped away any nonsensical notion that Wire are po-faced and serious - and it all added to the atmosphere of probably the best of the five times I've seen the band.

    Oh, and the fact Radcliffe and Maconie played Dot Dash on their radio show as I headed in for the gig. One fan requested Dot Dash at one point, to which Colin replied: "We haven't played that since 1978!" I was tempted to shout back "They've just played it on Radio Two" But how naff would that have come across? In my mind, I can just see the tumbleweed blowing across...

    Great night. Haste ye back!
    Great review of the Glasgow gig stephenhope Can,t really add to your review other than I had a great view
    with the missus right at the front leaning against the barrier.
    Got a few photos the best of which is this.
    To Stefm2. I must have been only three feet to your left then! Not up against the barrier but right in front of Colin, feeling like an idiot in my Art-Git t-shirt (it isn't cool to wear a t-shirt connected to the band at one of their own gigs, it's an unwritten rule isn't it?). Good pic though.

    Any chance of a set list from Glasgow? My fading memory is fading already.

    Also, I didn't notice a merch stall, was gonna buy the new album too.
    there was a stall selling the albums, cd & vinyl, and the dvds. I spotted a copy of the send redux on vinyl at £30 and the cd boxset. the stall was left of stage just down from the desk and the soon- to be unemployed lighting tech.
    Damn and blast, had no idea it was there. I just stayed at the bar until they came on. Typical.

    Any idea if the set was the same as the one posted elsewhere for the Scala?
    Odd to think that stall at the Glasgow show might have been official as they were selling the Send Redux vinyl album - it was deleted very soon after release and hasn't been available to purchase officially for sometime! It would be nice to hear if there are a pile of these somewhere just waiting to be snapped up - Colin, Graham, Robert, anyone?
    I think the Glasgow set list was identical to the Scala... other than the reprise of Our Time, of course. Glasgow punters wouldn't have put up with them playing the same song twice!
    Manchester Academy 3: 12 Sep 2008

    Arrived at the Academy to find a horde of screeching, overexcited teenagers queueing to get into the venue. They weren't here for Wire but to get into the under 18s night in the basement and from what I gather their entertainment for the evening was 4 rather pedestrian Emo/Screamo rock bands. As I picked up my tickets at least 100 crestfallen kids got locked out of their gig and its a pity licensing laws meant that couldn't get into Wire instead (although given that apparently there was quite a bit of sick to mop up downstairs maybe not.)

    Upstairs the crowd was rather sparse, far less than at Leeds earlier this week on a rainy school night. Notably more Women in the crowd though, dancing and singing along to pretty much everything. So, even though Wire did visit us back in May, shame on you rest of Manchester. Still this didn't appear to deter Wire from tearing our heads off. Although the set was identical to Leeds there was a certain heads-down f**k you determination to this one and it was a notably fiercer, edgier performance. It took a while for the crowd to Warm up and there wasn't much interaction until Graham noted that it always rains when they come to Manchester (Er..It rains when you aren't here too.)

    106 Beats That and 12XU, sloppy but fun at Leeds were perfect here. The truncated Pink Flag and I Don't Understand are just immense in their current incarnation and at their peak threaten to out-do My Bloody Valentines controversial noisefest albeit for a (way more effective) short sharp burst. Same setlist as the rest of the gigs, and the audience demand for encores was very enthusiastic.

    A blistering performance. Like the 'Send' shows but with a more varied and dynamic set. Anyone waiting for Wire to arrive in Europe/USA you are in for a treat.
    Review of the Toronto show from Now Magazine. Earned 5 'N's, a great accomplishment.

    It would be an understatement for me to say I wish I was there.
    Here's a couple from the N. American tour that just got published -

    Prefix Mag - NYC Show

    Chicago Sun Times - Chicago

    Here's another - Brightest Young Things - DC Show

    and another Limewire - NYC Show

    and another Montreal Gazette - Montreal Show

    and another Crawdaddy - SF show

    and yet another Pop Matters - Toronto show
    Colin is 54, and Graham is 55. A long way from 60.
    I'm gradually working my way through my inbox and will post in this message other stuff that came in besides reviews. Here's some photos from Boston,

    and some more from Paris.
    Those photos are fantastic. I know Tim (the guy that took the photos) from another board. You guys should all check out the rest of his site... he does some really great stuff.
    >>Colin is 54, and Graham is 55. A long way from 60<<
    hardly a 'long way'........
    great pics btw.
    Live review in RECORD COLLECTOR from one of its readers this month.

    The La Scala , London 08/09/08