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    Cheers for putting this up! Was it you that filmed this?
    No, I didn't.. It had been up for a while and didn't seem to be getting many views, so I thought it might have slipped under the radar.. :)
    I just watched; 154 views on youtube.
    I had been looking for it on YouTube for a week after the event but couldn't find it then.

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching it (so thanks for the link) and it looked like there was a good turn out at Rough Trade.

    Bruce and Rob never look particularly comfortable in these situations, Colin was great as usual and Graham, I felt, was particularly feisty!
    On the contrary - Bruce looked quite at home from where I was sitting (in the front row LOL). Agreed re Robert though - I'm not sure that he was comfortable at all. He arrived just a few minutes before the start - and was the first to leave - he was the only member of the band who I missed out on getting my special editions signed.
    Perhaps I was getting confused with Bruce's super-cool aloofness!

    I share your frustration at not getting Robert's signature on some Wire product. Back in 2004 when they headlined the Triptych festival in Scotland, the band each signed a Chairs Missing sleeve for me (finely written directly above each of their images on the back of the sleeve). All of them. Except one. The elusive drummer!
    Thanks for sharing the link... know what I'll be watching this evening. ;)

    Got to stick up for Mr G though... when we met Colin and Rob outside the Variety Playhouse after the Atlanta gig (a good few years ago with Margaret) not only did Rob sign our setlist, he also insisted on going back inside the venue to get Graham to sign it too.
    Indeed - he signed my white label of "Nocturnal Koreans" last year - I was just saying that on this particular night at Rough Trade he seemed uncomfortable with the proceedings in general. I wasn't referring to him not wanting to sign things - on the contrary - it was more that at RT he was the last to arrive and the first to leave and he didn't seem to enjoy the evening as much as the others.
    Rob his brompton bike with him.... He couldn't get out of RT fasty enough, unfortunately! Malka said to me 'he just wants to play drums'
    Great post, thanks! Re Rob’s discomfiture: I doubt that this type of ‘intellectual’ extemporising has ever been his cup of tea, I’m fairly certain he’s much happier either hitting the skins (no drug references intended!) or being down on the farm getting stuck into something (barring mud) more practical.