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    I've not pledged yet. Sorry to whinge but I think the reward tiers are a bit wide of the mark and need tweaking. I know nothing about funding films but I do know about what greases the wheels of a pledge offer. There's no digital download only option for instance, 50 quid seems a bit much just for a Disc. I'd be happy to pay for 50 for the bonus disc edition or maybe 70 quid gets you a signed copy in some exclusive artwork - but 100 quid with a promise of an invite to an exclusive screening ? - I would hazard a guess it will be in London which is a stretch for me never mind Wire fans in the US and around the globe - loads of Wire fans would all happily pay a premium just to get a nice special edition DVD/BluRay and skip the party invite

    Looking at the Frank Sidebottom kickstarter for instance (it got made, it is brilliant) - the lowest tier 10 quid got you a digital download of the movie *and* your name on the credits, 20 quid got you the disc, and then for 50 quid you got all that plus some unique pieces of memorabilia from Chris Sievey's archive and so on.

    Sorry to moan, I will pledge and we all really want this film to happen - which is why I'm moaning.