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    Hello Folks,

    Is there any more news about the documentary yet? The website, and also the Facebook page, don't seem to have been updated for a long time.

    Obviously there's been a slight(..!) worldwide issue that's interfered with everything, but some news would be nice.
    As well as the Wire doc, I'd love to know if any plans for a 2022 Tour are being discussed. I believe I saw the last two shows they did on the 2020 Tour in Brooklyn, NY. It would be great to know if the band has any intention to get back on the road this year.
    I'm not on Facebook, I also would like to know what's new in Wireworld?
    Perhaps worth bouncing this up again. It's been such a long time since there was any news regarding the film.
    I think it's done.
    Do you mean it's complete, Alexander, or has disappeared?

    The website is less than helpful:

    Thank you.
    The last I hear:

    The filming for our music documentary on post-punk titans WIRE continues a pace. This week it was an honour and a solid hoot to be able to interview the artist Jake Chapman. He was warm, open and very witty. As a long term fan and collector, to be able to explore his studio was like being a kid in a delightfully bleak candy store.
    I think the last update I had from Malcolm Boyle was in September 2021. At that time he said (among other things) the following:

    · We have most of the film shot

    · It looks fantastic – props to all camera ops and special props to Director of Photography Carney James Turner

    · We have made a very good start on cutting the film and have the entire story roughly assembled on the timeline

    · We’ve cut a sample chapter with which to pitch for funding to cover the costs of editing and completion

    · We’ve begun discussions with film festivals about future inclusion of People In A Film. So far a very positive response
    Is anyone else getting slightly concerned about the lack of current information regarding the film?

    I can't find anything, anywhere, websites haven't been updated for months and it would be nice to
    think those of us who contributed money towards it could at least be kept informed of its progress.
    I am!! & band? !!!
    This is the problem with crowd funding campaigns. There are no checks & balances to ensure that the people receiving the money are fulfilling their end of the bargain.
    I've just had an email from Malcolm Boyle about the project, as I guess all the other supporters have. If anyone hasn't got his update, please sing out here and I'll post a copy.
    Tbh it‘s a bit of a non-update, no ?
    I had it too, and I agree with Biccio.

    So we might get to see it in the middle of 2023?

    It would be nice to hear from Wire directly about this. I can't imagine they're
    particularly happy about it.
    Wire's official page on FB in response to asking about the documentary:

    "You might have noticed there has been a pandemic? Covid did delay People In A Room but it's definitely on its way!"

    Probably not the most tactful way of dealing with fans who ponied up $$$ to support you