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    I don't know if offering an official item for sale is allowed here, but if not, then I'm sure this will be promptly deleted. Apologies if it's covered in an FAQ somewhere.

    For various reasons - health and financial problems mainly - I stopped collecting Wire after Red Barked Trees. However, despite my best efforts, my OCD (genuine) won out and I splurged on the new special editions, and I have to say I've been enjoying them immensely over the last few days, especially the Chairs Missing demos disc.

    ANYWAY, it's now time for another of my regular "band updates" - following in the footsteps of retrospectively completing my Fall and Pere Ubu collections - and it's now time to "reconfigure" my Wire collection. This basically entails starting with outstanding archival releases and selling any items that - shock horror - I no longer deem essential to my continued happiness!

    SO - I have for sale one copy, extremely lightly used, of the 1977-79 Box Set of the first three albums (without singles tracks) plus the original formats of the Roxy 77 and CBGB 78 live sets - 5 discs in all. If there is anybody who hasn't yet bought this - unlikely, I know - feel free to make me an offer and hopefully we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement. :)

    Thanks for those who took the time to read this and managed to get to the end, and once again I apologise if I have done a Very Bad Thing by offering this for sale.

    The forum's rules mention eBay, but the same's basically true for direct sales. In short, they're basically tolerated, but everything's of course at the seller's and buyer's own risk, and we (PF/Wire/admins) take zero responsibility for any outcomes.

    I would, however, recommend any deals/negotiations are done by whisper if you want privacy for those things.
    Thanks for the comments, Craig: everything duly noted. I can't imagine anyone needing this, though, especially in light of the special editions.

    BTW when I find some money I may indulge in the second Legal Bootleg Series plus D+E 2-CD set, which is £74.99. Does this include all 9 live shows in flac format, plus Recycling Sherwood Forest in flac plus the two radio sessions? Or were the latter two items only for early birds? I hope not, because RSF and the D+E gigs are my main reason for diving in (better late than never).

    Looks like RSF and the Radio Sessions are available to all who buy the complete Series 2 set even now.
    Thanks leefact25! :)