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    After a relatively quiet twenty eighteen what is planned for 2019.
    What would we like to see?

    I would love a Read and Burn 4; an E.P perhaps with a change of direction, maybe something more experimental.
    They have recorded various tracks at Rockfield a couple of months ago, which from what Colin has said are supposed to be part of the new album. So a new album is obviously the next move. If i remember correctly what was said in an interview not due before 2020 though. As for a change of direction, some of the new tracks heard live (Hung, Be Like Them) surely sound more "experimental", in particular the first one. The others not so much i would say, roughly in the same direction as the last few albums. But then these were all early live versions, so who knows how the songs will develop once worked on for months.
    I'd like to see the Read and Burn series re-established as well as a taster for a new LP.

    Other than that the Mute LP's could do with a dusting off and re-release in expanded formats like the 3 Harvest LP's were this year
    I would like to see A Bell Is A Cup remixed, remastered and reissued. I think it’s a phenomenal record that needs to lose the tinny 80s snare sound and replaced with a more contemporary drum sound. Maybe a more gutsy bass too. The songs on that record are among the best the band have written. The fact they’ve revisited some of the songs in their live shows in recent years backs up that argument. But the record is crying out for a revamp in terms of sonic texture
    I'd like to see "The First Letter" album remastered - it always comes across as quiet to my ears.
    I wonder whether there's any outtakes or demo versions from the Wir period that we've never heard before
    I am excited for what is in store for 2020 but more than anything else my hope is that Wire bring in an outsider's perspective when it comes to mixing/production. It's funny to see so many people wishing for re-tooling of 80's and 90's material because my hunch is that some of Wire's newer output is going to age about as well as that stuff from a production standpoint over a long enough timeline. I find the heavy processing of Colin's voice to be far more distracting that the snare drum sound of A Bell Is A Cup, for example.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Wire's newer records but I think they succeed largely in spite of the production choices.
    An all-star tribute to John Cage's 4'33" including Wire, Bruce Gilbert, A.C. Marias and He Said:
    The vinyl reissue of the Michael O'Shea album, mooted a year or so ago has now landed
    >An all-star tribute to John Cage's 4'33" including Wire, Bruce Gilbert, A.C. Marias and He Said:

    Add Duet Emmo to that list! So this is what they were doing at Blackwing last year?
    Looking at the list - there's Duet Emmo, He Said, Bruce Gilbert - but not Dome?
    Did Dome ever release on Mute?
    In any event, isn't it likely that the artists have effectively just allowed their names to be used over a period of silence? No new actual work?
    It's a fund-raiser, so, not a scam, but perhaps nothing to get very excited about in terns of the material.
    Hopefully my interpretation is incorrect.
    Dome's albums were later released as 2 for 1 on CDs on The Grey Area label - a sub-label of Mute. Each artist on 4'33 filmed themselves "performing" the piece.