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    Production aside the new song is really good! Looking forward to the upcoming tour.
    Nice song. Doesn't massively deviate from the last few albums (which I was predicting), but the descriptions of the rest of the album do sound like it'll be a reasonably varied affair.
    I like the new song but was rather hoping they may get an outsider in on production duties this time around. Colin is a fine producer, no doubt, but Wire would benefit from a more raw sounding mix to differentiate from Colin's other musical output. Still looking forward to the new LP though. Sounds intriguing
    I, too, like Cactused. But I agree that an outside producer may have taken Wire into a different direction. The start of the track did have a 'Githead sound ' to it. But it's great to have the band back in action on record and on stage. It's going to be a terrific start to the new year.
    A mate of mine, who only knows the more obvious 70s stuff, was telling me he heard this on the radio today (BBC 6 Music I think) - he loved it and wants to go to one of the gigs, so - job done!.
    I'm surprised and a little sad there is not a 7" size book version to go with the recent set of them.

    They must take a lot of time to put together and cost a lot up front, i guess.
    Cactused is...alright.
    As with much Wire, for me, it grows. I never rely on first hearing. Silver/Lead on first play didn't sink in, but now I consider it right up there with their best work and still have it on pretty heavy rotation.
    Very much looking forward to Mind Hive and the Brudenell gig.
    Disappointed that there are no Irish Dates announced but really looking forward to the LP.
    Unless it is under a different title it seems like we're never going to get a studio version of "Wolf Collides" / "Wolf Boar"
    That is one for Strays 3, perhaps...
    Or "Go Go Go"
    It sounds more like the 80's albums to me (Bell, Ideal) than the latest ones, what I like a lot. Promising!!
    If anyone is considering going to the Birmingham date on this tour there are less than 1% of tickets left according to Skiddle!