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    Primed and Ready- Classic WIRE, Sounds great-
    As others have said, the 2 new tracks could have easily come from the last 3 LPs and at this stage it feels like Wire are more about refining rather than re-defining their sound, so for long term Wire listeners it's more about the detail and seeing how the new tracks pan out Live rather than a great leap forward. For civilians with a passing interest in the band or maybe only know a few classic tracks these are tunes that might get their attention particularly 'Primed' so I can see why these are the 'Singles'. It'll be interesting to hear these within the whole LP with this more electronic/ambient side. Apparently there is some Sax on one track. When was the last time there was Sax on a Wire track? Crazy About Love? I suppose technically Robert is playing Sax on their version of 4'33"....
    the melody is uncomfortably close to "Ally In Exile" and "Doubles & Trebles"
    My reaction to both Cactused and Primed & Ready is “yep, sounds like Wire,” which suits me just fine. And Primed and Ready is another bulleted list. :) So yeah, classic Wire.

    Sounds great so far! Looking forward to hearing the rest, and seeing them in March.
    @R Swimmer - last Wire sax (discounting 4'33"); Possibly Eels Sang Lino / ZEGK HOQP?
    To me Prime and Ready has a very 80's vibe to it. In fact it's almost like WIRE did an adaptation of the 1981 song Fade to Grey by Visage. Certainly the intro on both are very similar.
    Ocatave patterns on bass are fairly common, but the sounds here don’t remind me of Visage. If it brought anything out of my mind, it’d be Blur’s Girls & Boys, although neither that song nor Visage’s had the crunching guitars that run throughout the bulk of the track. (Also, I’m not sure Cactused and Primed & Ready are really indicative of the album as a whole, which rungs from the gentle Humming through to brain-smasher Hung. It’ll be interesting to see what people here think of Off The Beach as well, which is a modern-era zenith of Wire mashing together jaunty pop and dark, caustic lyrics.)
    I too had an initial Visage related shudder when I heard the first few notes upon playing the track on Youtube. Oddly, the next time I went into Youtube Visage's Fade To Grey were there in amongst the suggestions for things that might be of interest to me.
    surprised comments about the LP don't abound. I wasn't that hopeful when I heard Catcused, but I played the LP a couple of times last night, & for me, it's there best since Change Becomes Us. nice to see a couple of 'in yer face' trax - Wire are, after all, best when they are a little discordant!
    well, technically it's not out until tomorrow so many people might not have heard it yet.
    but apart from this, i think pretty much everybody is on facebook and by now relatively active on the group "Blessed State". Surely way more active than on this forum.
    I'm not on Facebook, but I've just spent this afternoon making some battery cables for my boat in the garage whilst listening to Mind Hive for the first time (dig the double 'Wire' thing there...).

    I'll admit the last two albums didn't really grab me. I tried, but I simply didn't get into them. Consequently, I was a little cautious about approaching this one, but I needn't have worried. I liked it as soon as it started, and after a couple of listens, it's certainly going to be played regularly.

    The stand-out for me is 'Oklahoma', which is probably going to be worn out before the end of the week. It's got to be a 'Graham' I presume?

    I've just tried to review it on Amazon, but as it's not out until tomorrow, they wouldn't let me. The sad thing is, I'm certain so many people would like it if they were given the chance to hear it, but as usual, as Wire aren't a teenaged talent vacuum with computer enhanced "voices", hardly anyone ever will.

    At least some of us are privileged to be in the know.

    10/10 from me.

    Oh, and it's 'New album of the month', along with an interview with Colin in the January 2020 Record Collector magazine (p108 if you're sneaking a look in the shop).
    So far I have to say I'm struggling with this one. Across the board the tracks feel underdeveloped, static and largely unmodulated. It feels like exponentially more effort went into the atmosphere and texture rather than the compositions themselves. On the first few listens this feels like the weakest effort since Object 47.

    While I have liked the last few albums the sad truth is that Wire have become very predictable. Maybe the preview we read a few weeks ago oversold how much the band had moved into a new direction and that may have set the stage for some disappointment. I'm not a fan of Colin's production aesthetic at all. The vocal effects feel like a crutch and the power of Rob's drumming is buried under compression and an awful gated reverb on the snare. Compare this sound to a recent-ish record like Red Barked Tree and the difference is astounding.

    I will always love Wire but my enthusiasm for the new output has just about vanished.
    Every comment I read here before listening to the album seems irrelevant now. I'm afraid it's so different to previous ones that we are still unable to define it very well :D I'll have to listen to it many more times until I decide what to think of it. This must be one of Wire's most difficult albums from the last decades.
    Last time I saw them live, back in Nov. 2018, they played a few new songs that I found a bit hard to swallow. I don't remember them clearly, and I don't recognize them on this new release, but I think they must be here in some form, since I feel the same sensation.
    I never expected Wire to sound like Pink Floyd, but "Unrepetant" seems to be taken from "Meddle"!!!!