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    Wire’s PR person is promising a few surprises in the setlist for the upcoming dates. Intriguing...
    Apparently Outdoor Miner showed up on the set tonight!
    Never thought I’d see the day!
    According to chatter on the FB group the following songs were played:

    Morning Bell
    Patterns of Behaviour
    A Question of Degree
    Outdoor Miner
    Ex-Lion Tamer
    I Should have known better
    A touching display
    French Film Blurred
    The Offer
    Former Airline

    Can anyone verify this? Pretty incredible if so
    I’ve seen videos of Question of Degree and Touching Display.
    @stevehouse- Only 3 of those songs in last night's rather short setlist-

    ...........unless there was an encore not mentioned?
    I can’t remember in which order, but the full setlist was

    Be Like Them
    1st Fast
    A Question of Degree
    Morning Bell
    I Should Have Known Better
    Patterns of Behaviour
    Primed and Ready
    Former Airline
    It’s a Boy
    German Shepherds
    Ex Lion Tamer
    French Film Blurred
    The Offer
    Outdoor Miner
    A Touching Display
    Enjoying Mind Hive. Lots of little sounds and similarities to previous early material, nowt wrong with that... it's the Wire sound with the polish of MS.

    Bristol gig last night was really interesting and they sounded pretty decent. Don't think it's a coincidence that for the first time since the 3 Wire men played Fulham Hibernian Club have they played a couple of Manscape numbers. The set was full of surprises and I think they had fun. MS adds so much with his guitar playing and he's proper interesting to watch live. GL tried the tucked in red tie malarky into a black shirt, not a good look mate!

    Was proper disappointed not to hear GL bash out the delightful " Ohhhhhhhh Ahhhhhh's " on Cactused. I was ready and waiting to join in! For my untrained ear, Wire are at there very finest when both GL & CN vocal on the same track, The "batting average'' for a tip top Wire number increases dramatically when this occurs. It should be all Wire fans constitutional right to get a full album of such a great vocal combination. Crack on!

    Couldn't agree more, Horatio. Colin and Graham's voices blend together in such a powerful way. I was delighted to hear them singing in unison on "Forever & A Day" on Silver/Lead - I wish that was done more on the studio albums.
    For a band who don’t do nostalgia, Wire are acknowledging some of the deeper cuts from their back catalogue like never before. And with brilliant results.
    A Touching Display and I Should Have Known Better from 154?! The Offer?! Former Airline?! Tracks from Manscape?! Ex-Lion Tamer for the first time in years?! Outdoor Miner for the first time ever?! Come on, this is incredible.
    And with Matt adding his own soundscapes into the mix, Wire sound so contemporary right now.
    The Mind Hive tracks sound even better in a live context.
    The band stormed it last night in Glasgow.
    We’re blessed to have this band still doing brilliant work as the sun begins to set.
    We can only hope daylight holds out for a few years yet.
    The band was in absolutely sparkling form in Glasgow last night. As Stephen says, loved hearing The Offer, It's a Boy and Patterns of Behaviour (and getting a shout out from Colin for knowing the words to it too).

    Hilariously, thought, there are STILL aging punks in the audience who are disappointed they don't play the 'hits'.

    Very much looking forward to getting into Mind Hive - can't say the last couple of albums have been much use, but last night has reinvigorated my enthusiasm.
    So YOU were the guy down the front to get praise from Colin, Pieta! Well done.
    On a less cerebral note, I was the one who shouted “Tight as f***!” at one point, because apart from Graham starting to play the bassline to German Shepherds at the start of Cactused, the band were so solid in Glasgow.
    I spoke to band before the gig (they graciously let me chat to them as they set up in the afternoon) and Graham said they only had three full days rehearsal for the tour. So the opening night in Bristol was particularly fraught because they were performing so much material rarely (or never) played live before.
    You’ll always get the ‘old punks’ wanting the well-known stuff, but Wire’s history is so wide and diverse they can breathe new life into their set...and they’ve certainly done that for this tour.
    Cracking show last night in Glasgow. Great to hear the likes of a Question of Degree & I Should Have Known Better, high spot for me though was Hung from the new album. What a way to bring the set (pre-encore) to a close!
    Was fortunate enough to be right at the front in line with Matthew last night in Brighton. Wow, what an experience! Getting such a close up of his playing was educational and inspiring. I sort of feel privileged! Great early birthday present :)

    Left with a big smile on my face, definitely worth the trip down from London.
    There's a few bits of film from some of the gigs appearing on YouTube now. I don't know who's posted them, but thanks very much!
    @Osimabu- Here's the full show from Manchester. Not great audio quality, but gives a feel for their new set
    Thanks very much indeed!
    What’s the general vibe with Mind Hive after living with it for a couple of weeks?
    I love it. The first four tracks get it off to a blistering start. Beach is the revelation with it’s largely acoustic vibe.
    In general, I tend to skip slower songs (there were too many on Silver/Lead) but Mind Hive contains some real gems with Humming a particular highlight at the end of the album.
    In the Wire league table of albums I would put Mind Hive slightly above mid table. Which, at this late stage in the game, is an amazing feat!
    Right now, it’s my favourite Wire album since Change Becomes Us. If we take this ‘phase’ as Object 47 onwards, I’d place it behind CBU and RBT, but above everything else.
    I don't think I'll ever get over Nocturnal Koreans, so admittedly both Silver/Lead and Mind Hive have suffered a bit in my mind from that over-comparison. However, Mind Hive has already grabbed a bit more of my attention than S/L managed. I really do like that album, but it still feels to me like coming at Wire from a completely different angle - related but different, like the Erasure remix or something.