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    My post-Bruce Wire albums league table (with marks out of 10) is:
    1. Nocturnal Koreans (9.5)
    2. Red Barked Tree (9)
    3. Change Becomes Us (8.5)
    4. Mind Hive (8)
    5. Wire (7.8)
    6. Silver/Lead (7.5)
    7. Object 47 (7).

    When you consider the fragile state the band was in at the time of O47, it’s incredible that they’ve managed to produce this superb catalogue of material across seven albums in 12 years.
    And, for that, every Wire fan should be truly grateful.
    Assuming Pink Flag / Chairs Missing / 154 are all 10's

    1. Wire (8.0)
    2. Red Barked Tree (7.5)
    3. Silver/Lead (7.5)
    4. Nocturnal Koreans (7.0)
    5. Change Becomes Us (6.5)
    6. Mind Hive (6.0)
    7. Object 47 (3.0)
    "Change Becomes Us (6.5)”

    Right, that’s you on the naughty step.
    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeFeb 13th 2020 edited)
    CBU is better than D&EW
    TBF, listening to someone repeatedly smacking a bin lid is better than a big chunk of the main Document & Eyewitness set.
    Change Becomes Us has really strong songs but the production takes it down several notches. "Doubles & Trebles" in particular really bothers me because they dropped that great Bruce riff that compliments the main riff so well, it just sounds so neutered
    I’m always interested in reading other fans’ opinions of Wire albums over the last decade or so. The general consensus seems to be quite critical of a lot of the output since Object 47. And really slates O47 in his chart above!
    What is interesting is that the critics have largely rated most of Wire’s recent albums highly. Silver/Lead, if I recall, received tons of positive reviews...they seemed to regard it in higher esteem than most Wire fans. Only Object 47 has been dismissed by the music press. Mojo gave it two stars, and even dismissed the title as throwaway “will this do?” rubbish
    I got a ticket for the Manchester gig and thought that they were superb. Great set. The band were relaxed and the sound was clear. Never thought that I'd see Colin give a high five.
    In my view Mind Hive is a return to form after three indifferent albums.
    If I had to rate the post Bruce albums:

    1. Change Becomes Us 9.0
    2. Red Barked Tree 7.5
    3. Mind Hive 7.5
    4. Nocturnal Koreans 5.0
    5. Object 47 4.0
    6. Silver/Lead 4.0
    7. Wire 4.0

    Object 47 would have been a very good album if it had included 23 Years too Late and Our Time from R&B3 rather than some of the some of the weaker tracks from Object 47.

    One point that has gone unmentioned with Mind Hive is the length. Is it the shortest Wire album? It is not much longer than Read and Burn 3.
    Yes, I agree that Mind Hive is a short album, but nothing wrong with that (early Beatles albums are the perfect length). MH does what it says, then leaves the building. Maybe one more fast, sharp, short modern-day Wire classic would have made the album possibly their best from the post-Bruce era, but I’m bring greedy...
    If anything, Change Becomes Us is slightly diminished because it’s too long. Perhaps it would have been better as a ten-track album, with three tracks as a free download to purchasers on Greedbag.
    According to wiki, here are the lengths of the post-Bruce albums.

    Change Becomes Us 48:45
    Wire 44:01
    Red Barked Tree 39:03
    Silver/Lead 36:09
    Object 47 35:02
    Mind Hive 34:52
    Nocturnal Koreans 25:55
    Post-Bruce albums for me...

    Silver/Lead (9.0)
    Change Becomes Us (8.5)
    Mind Hive (8.0)
    Red Barked Tree (7.5)
    Object 47 (5.5)
    Wire (5.5)
    Nocturnal Koreans (5.0)

    I'm sure I read in an interview that Colin said Object 47 would have been a lot better if R&B03 was on it and I agree - that EP is one of my favourite Wire records in general. I think that EP plus four or five of the best album tracks would probably be an 8.5 or higher.
    I have an O47+ playlist that I threw together. Needs some work for the track order (which I never fully bothered sorting), but it is interesting when you weld R&B3 to O47. Said playlist got as far as this:

    One Of Us
    Mekon Headman
    Hard Currency
    Perspex Icon
    Four Long Years
    23 Years Too Late
    Our Time
    No Warning Given
    Desert Diving
    All Fours
    He Knows
    A new improved Object 47 has intrigued me for years.
    I would incorporate all of Read And Burn 3 because it’s so strong and drop three of the weaker O47 songs to give us a brilliant ten track album. 23 Years Too Late has to conclude the album because of its epic nature and the “goodbye” refrain at the end.

    Side One:
    One Of Us
    Our Time
    Mekon Headman
    No Warning Given
    All Fours

    Side Two:
    Desert Diving
    Perspex Icon
    Are You Ready?
    Hard Currency
    23 Years Too Late

    So I’ve jettisoned Circumspect, Patient Flees and Four Long Years from the original album. Although Circumspect could easily replace Hard Currency or Are You Ready?
    To me, this is now an 8.5 out of 10 album...maybe even a nine!
    This is almost the same as my playlist "Read & Burn 47" which i have had for a while and listen to more often than the actual album Object 47. In my playlist i have Circumspect instead of Are You Ready? but indeed that's a detail. In any case a much stronger album this way than how it was released.
    Surely there's enough good stuff now for a "Now That's What I Call Wire's 2000's Greatest Hits" compilation.

    Maybe entitled "Top Coatings"?
    Ottawa! March 14!

    I had to miss the Ottawa gig last time around (2008) so this will be my first Wire show since the RFH in 2000.

    If any of the touring entourage needs some local assistance in Ottawa then by all means let me know.
    Hmm, I can't give number ratings but probably I can order them:

    Change Becomes Us
    Mind Hive
    Red Barked Tree
    Nocturnal Koreans
    Object 47
    My 2007/2008 album would probably run:

    One of Us
    Our Time
    Four Long Years
    Mekon Headman
    No Warning Given
    Desert Diving
    Perspex Icon
    All Fours
    23 Years Late

    That said, the two albums are mixed differently - Object 47 is notably more bassy - so it doesn't play quite as smoothly as I'd like. But something like this would definitely be up there with their best records for me.
    "Wire" and Red Barked Tree are two of the major post Bruce highlights for me. I really enjoy Silver/Lead too, it clicked with me a lot more after seeing it live. I just feel spoiled to get new material any time we do, even if it doesn't click with me.

    I actually think the self-titled album is top 3 all time with 154 and Bell is a Cup for me!
    I am sorry, i can not compare art, can not make lists.

    But : Whoever is responsible: Thank you very,very much for the lyric-sheet inside the LP. It makes the experience much more tactile and complete !!