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    My post-Bruce Wire albums league table (with marks out of 10) is:
    1. Nocturnal Koreans (9.5)
    2. Red Barked Tree (9)
    3. Change Becomes Us (8.5)
    4. Mind Hive (8)
    5. Wire (7.8)
    6. Silver/Lead (7.5)
    7. Object 47 (7).

    When you consider the fragile state the band was in at the time of O47, it’s incredible that they’ve managed to produce this superb catalogue of material across seven albums in 12 years.
    And, for that, every Wire fan should be truly grateful.
    Assuming Pink Flag / Chairs Missing / 154 are all 10's

    1. Wire (8.0)
    2. Red Barked Tree (7.5)
    3. Silver/Lead (7.5)
    4. Nocturnal Koreans (7.0)
    5. Change Becomes Us (6.5)
    6. Mind Hive (6.0)
    7. Object 47 (3.0)
    "Change Becomes Us (6.5)”

    Right, that’s you on the naughty step.
    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTime6 days ago edited)
    CBU is better than D&EW
    TBF, listening to someone repeatedly smacking a bin lid is better than a big chunk of the main Document & Eyewitness set.
    Change Becomes Us has really strong songs but the production takes it down several notches. "Doubles & Trebles" in particular really bothers me because they dropped that great Bruce riff that compliments the main riff so well, it just sounds so neutered
    I’m always interested in reading other fans’ opinions of Wire albums over the last decade or so. The general consensus seems to be quite critical of a lot of the output since Object 47. And really slates O47 in his chart above!
    What is interesting is that the critics have largely rated most of Wire’s recent albums highly. Silver/Lead, if I recall, received tons of positive reviews...they seemed to regard it in higher esteem than most Wire fans. Only Object 47 has been dismissed by the music press. Mojo gave it two stars, and even dismissed the title as throwaway “will this do?” rubbish