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    What does "Sink" alongside a thread's title mean?
    If a discussion is sinked, it means that it no longer rises to the top when a new post is made, although the pink colour still shows when there's a new reply. I've just disabled that option for non-mods, because I think that should be our business, rather than done by the general users.
    just out of interest, then, why have Magazine & Led Zep threads been 'sunk' (I'm assuming you've labelled 'em as such?)? I know they're non-Wire related (which is why i listed 'em under 'off-topic'), but surely just/nearly as valid? partic the Magazine thread as there's an interesting UK vs USA, when did 'punk' start convo going on.
    I didn't sink them. I'll revert that in a mo'. Threads should generally only be sinked if they're causing problems. (Big problems lead to a thread getting locked.)
    ah - fair enuf! cheers 4 clearing it up! thought i/we had transgressed some rules?!?!?!?
    47. No Yawning.

    You will get a warring, final countdown, then a band