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    Hello all,

    First got into Wire at the time of 'Bell is...' album and duly got tickets to see them at The Queens Hall in Edinburgh, didn't think it was as late as 1990 (it's the only Queens Hall gig i can see around that time on the Live page)

    However i'm pretty sure that only 2 of the band turned up (Colin & Graham?)

    Anyone shed any light on this gig? can't find any info about whether i'm remembering it wrong....but it was a cracking introduction to the band.
    If it is the 1990 gig you attended this would have been the first gig of the "Manscape" tour. Robert Grey quit the band just prior to this tour but all drum programming had previously been undertaken by him. Can't say for certain if the gig you were at was the same line up but I was at the Hibernian Club show in Fulham on this same tour (the Hibernian gig is available on the Legal Bootleg series) where the line up was Bruce, Graham, Colin and Paul Kendall (with an absent Grey's programming). The Hibernian gig is notable for Graham getting tired of people shouting "Where's Robert?" only for him to wearily answer "Walking The Dog!"
    Hi and many thanks for the reply.

    I'm pretty sure there was only 2 members turned up, i can remember before the show started that they apologized in advance for not having the full line-up.

    looking back, might it have been when they went down to Wir - The First Letter era when it was Bruce, Colin & Graham and one of them could not make it?

    Sorry the memory is so dodgy, but it would be nice to clear it up (in my head anyway) :-)
    When I saw Wire in Manchester on the Manscape tour it was Bruce, Colin and Graham. No sign of PK (at least, not on stage). If I recall correctly, Bruce was over to the far right (from the audience's view) so if he was similarly positioned in Edinburgh, and if you had a restricted view at all, it could have appeared, with Colin and Graham front and centre, that it was a two-man show (assuming that all three were there).
    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeJan 2nd 2020)
    I suspect Ian is correct.
    Bruce might have positioned himself to the side of the stage just behind the PA, where he would play various pedals and avoid feedback issues. The apology for "not the full line-up" most probably was a reference to Rob's absence. PK was behind the mixing desk for all the Wir concerts I saw and never on stage as such.

    Happy New Year everyone!
    Cheers Guys,

    That could well be it, thanks very much for the info :-D

    All the best for the New Year!
    Definitely the three of Colin, Bruce and Graham onstage for the Wir gig at the Mean Fiddler in 91 too.
    I was at that Queen's Hall concert - my first Wire gig. Sat in the balcony on left - Bruce was definitely over on the right. My girlfriend curled up and fell asleep at the start - only waking up for the encore when the stage had been flooded with smoke and the band were going full tilt. She said it was one of her most amazing gig moments...
    Cheers for clearing that up first Wire gig as well :-)