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    As someone mentioned a couple of weeks back, Wire feature on the cover and in a six page article in this magazine. It's quite interesting, including a page on Bruce's solo(ish) output.

    All the rest of the magazine I sadly found completely uninteresting, but it's been going so long, I assume it must have a dedicated following.

    You can buy a copy here:
    Thanks for that Osimabu. I haven’t seen a physical copy in the shops. But then again, I don’t go into many shops....
    The joke is, our local W H Smiths didn't have it, but I then saw it in a small newsagents in Uppingham in Rutland (just after I'd ordered it direct from the publishers for seven quid!)
    For the next week, The Wire's digital archives are free, so both the recent piece and the one from 2000 are available:
    "These pages are available to subscribers only.”

    Or am I missing something?
    Weird—the link still works for me. Maybe they're making the offer only for non-UK people? Try with a VPN, perhaps.

    edit: Or maybe there's something magical about using the tinyurl link:
    The second link works for me. Amusing aside: the 2000s piece runs from p26 through p32, with an add on p33; the recent one starts on p34!
    The annoying thing is their online compilations are still only available for those who buy their subscriptions. Klara Lewis recorded an exclusive track for one of these - "Shall/Should" - and the only way you can access this track is to put your dosh down for a subscription.....if you try to click the download it just asks you to register.....