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    New article confirms a RSD day release that will be a sequel of sorts to "Strays"

    No tracklisting but I am guessing at the very least an appearance from Art of Persistence and Small Black Reptile among others.
    Given all the trouble I went to to try to get the 7" box set a couple of years ago (and completely failing on the day unless I wanted to buy it for twice the price on eBay), coupled with being able to buy it easily a few weeks later on here, I think I'll wait this time.

    That does sound interesting though.
    From the Rough Trade site;

    2010 SIDE. 1. Boiling Boy. 2. German Shepherds.3. He Knows.4. Underwater Experiences. 2020 SIDE. 7. The Art of Persistence.8. Small Black Reptile. 9.Wolf Collides.10. Over Theirs
    A bit more detail on the RSD site:

    '10:20 is a glimpse into the working practice of the band and may perhaps give clues as to why Wire has retained such a singular identity through the years. The album divides in to two halves - the 2010 side & the 2020 side - hence the title. When Wire plays live there are, in the main, three classes of piece:, new songs, old songs and 'new old' songs. The latter often involves taking something that existed on a previous release and re-working it, very often evolving a stage highlight from it. There also pieces that have never seen a major release but for some reason never fitted on an album. The best of these ideas have been recorded in two sessions - one relating to Red Barked Tree but recorded in 2010 and another relating to Mind Hive & released in 2020. Incidentally celebrating the decade Matt Simms has been with them.

    2010 SIDE:1.Boiling Boy 2.German Shepherds 3.He Knows 4.Underwater Experiences
    2020 SIDE: 5.The Art of Persistence 6.Small Black Reptile 7.Wolf Collides 8.Over Theirs
    RSD 2020 now postponed until 20 June.
    Small Black Reptile to whet appetites in the meantime.
    I'm blown away at how much better "Small Black Reptile" is this time around. Colin's voice still sounds fantastic (compared with in 1990). I'm curious to see what they do with "German Shepherds," which I consider perfect in its current form.
    Re German Shepherds - this and the other three tracks on the 2010 side were previously released on the limited EP "Strays" that came with the first run of "Red Barked Tree"
    This version of "German Shepherds" is notable for having three distinct solo vocals - Colin, Graham - and the only solo vocal from Margaret. The only other Wire track that has three solo vocals - Colin, Graham and Bruce - is "Pieta".
    Ah. Thank you. I dislike that version of GS, but it makes me appreciate the original that much more. "Small Black Reptile" would seem to be about the entitled woman I'm dating and has me reconsidering that relationship.
    Small Black Reptile... wonderful.

    A timely lifting of spirits. x
    As I'm sure most people know, 10:20 is now available to order from here:

    In these awful times, at last some good news for a change.

    Thank you Wire!
    I'm very excited about this release...can anyone knowledgeable clarify whether a digital format will be made available? I want to order directly from the band and don't want to wait for slow moving parcels to cross the Atlantic...from the Greedbag order page there is no indication of an instant gratification download after purchase.
    Hello !

    I am also very happy to get more Wire in one year !! - Not only but also because of the cancelled touring.
    I just wonder are the 4 songs really the same versions as on "strays" ? I wonder, because it was not mentioned in the newsletter.
    I just wonder, some years in the past RSD was cursed, because the vinyl-pressing was delayed, and now... the second time they will take part in this industry-marketing-rip-off ? I do not have the tools, to follow this train of thougt-line. Is there somebody to help me ?
    10:20 is quite literally strays on side one and the new tracks on side two. The newsletter doesn’t mention that particular EP, but does state the first four tracks were recorded in 2010.

    As for RSD, Wire is committed to supporting indies, which is one of the central reasons for the event. The band says it will support RSD in future, and 10:20’s release was to leave space for a different Wire item in 2021.
    hi !
    Thanks for the answer Craig, but the arguments are a little beside my points, sorry for having written in a misunderstandable way. The mentioning of the recording year leaves space for a different recording in the same year. (By the way, i do not remember much recording dates of any releases of any Band after 2001, too much to process.)

    I agree, that the main marketing message of RSD is supporting indie-shops. Beside the fact, that i would not want to see most of the catalogue in an indie-shop at all or at least favored by me, is the idea of creating another "event" as peak-selling-day followed by mindless people following mostly much overpriced breadcrumbs in a hypnotized state, instead of creating conscious customers/people/voters (who never order at amazon (at least till they pay proper taxes and wages), despite what Colin writes) very dreadful and just another step in the downwardspiral of evolution of the human race.
    And this is the reason, why i do not know / or am wondering, why this is supported by this band and not other messures are developed. thats all.

    No, I realise that the newsletter wasn’t specific about Strays — although it would to my mind be a bit odd to have slightly alternate studio takes on the exact same tracks. Still, the press release is long gone now, and so we can’t do anything about that.

    As for RSD, the band makes the point about attempting to support a diverse range of outlets, and existing in a mixed economy. RSD isn’t to everyone’s tastes, and I personally (not speaking for the band here) have issues with the gating/scalper element it sometimes creates. However, I’m not sure what “other measures” you’re referring to that Wire could utilise, in order to get its music out to the wider world. Whatever anyone things about RSD, it is a useful mechanism for spreading the word, and a means of getting more people to discover your music.
    My copy of 10/20 has been dispatched. Postie will be even more eagerly awaited for the next couple of days.

    It's great to have a bit of good news for a change.

    Thank you, Wire.
    That'll do pig, that'll do.
    Aw Babe!