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    The Art of Persistence - Sounds neutered compared to the recent live versions. Lacks propulsion.
    Small Black Reptile - Great reimagining of the Manscape track, not a huge fan of the production though
    Wolf Collides - This track was a stunner live but this studio version is too slow and Matt's great bubbly lead lines seem buried
    Over Theirs - Fantastic execution of this song. This is a great example of Colin's production still packing a hard punch. Wish the other songs sounded like this!

    I just started a Paypal-case to get my money of the pre-order back.

    No idea why they seem to ignore me as I get no response or explanation.
    So far all other orders went fine but maybe there is a foreigner on the train? Or do they expect you to cancel your holiday to wait for the package? I am happy I went for registered shipping because they have not been able to provide a T&T code.
    Last week I ordered something from Rough Trade which got here within a couple of days. Besides I think it is not the best way to treat your old fans.

    I am sorry but I had to vent my frustration.
    In general a rather disappointing effort. Hey Ho!

    I noticed that "The Art of Persistence" digital single on iTunes (US, anyway) has the rather surprising price of $9.99, versus $1.29 for "Small Black Reptile" or indeed $9.99 for 10:20 itself. But iTunes says that "The Art of Persistence" comes with a Digital Booklet (the others don't). Does anyone know what's in that booklet, or why it's worth $8.70??
    Same in the UK. Bit weird. I’ve mentioned this to Mr N.
    I haven't done a comparison of the vinyl and the CD, but "Over Theirs" sounds like it has a lot of clipping and distortion. Not sure if that was a production choice or a mastering issue with the CD. I love the strength and backbone behind the new version. Very fun!

    (edit) - Never mind. Chalk it up to the slow death of my receiver. What a treat!