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    Watching the band in Brighton I couldn’t help but notice the the large amount of effects they utilise. I’m sure I saw Matthew use an e-bow, and do some pretty cool stuff with a drumstick(!), but I couldn’t see what the massed ranks of pedals were, except maybe a boss tuner?

    Anyone any idea what each members rig consists of?
    I have some pictures of both Matt’s and Graham’s pedal boards. I need to dig them out and see what’s in them. From the top of my mind I only remember they both have something from Moog, but there is so much more in particular in Matt’s pedal board
    I helped the band unload their gear and merchandise before the Glasgow gig. I also took a few pictures as they set up on stage and was astonished by the number of effect pedals Colin, Graham and Matt were using. Fair enough, Colin and Matt (especially) will require a few pedals, but for Graham bass?! I did pass comment about the array of pedals he had, but I can’t remember what his response was...after he played a few spacey, reverb-laden notes before their sound check.